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  • New Student Orientation

    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life

    23 AUG 2019
    [UG] Orientation on Hall Life

    Welcome to the Undergraduate Halls! In this orientation for Hall freshmen, you will hear from current students on tips for living in the halls and introduction to Hall Life Education Programs. Hall Tours will be provided and you will get to know your hallmates through games and refreshment.

    23 Aug 2019
    7pm - 10pm
    Room 114, Undergraduate Halls
    Application Deadline
    23 Aug 2019 (Fri)
  • Global Experience

    International Youth Conference on Social Innovation

    19 - 22 JUL 2019
    International Youth Conference on Social Innovation


    Enhance your understanding of social innovation; Be inspired by local and overseas professionals who actively respond to dynamic societal needs with innovative and creative solutions; Meet young people from around the world to exchange ideas and share experiences in creating social impact!


    19-22 July 2019
    HKBU & The Cityview
  • Scholarships

    C. Y. Tung Scholarship for Semester At Sea (SAS) (2020 Spring Voyage)

    15 JUL - 16 SEP 2019
    C. Y. Tung Scholarship for Semester At Sea (SAS) (2020 Spring Voyage)

    The C. Y. Tung Scholarship is donated by the Hon Tung Chee Hwa and his family to honor his father C. Y. Tung. Each voyage that visits China (currently only Spring voyages), a small cohort of US and Chinese students are awarded a USD25,000 scholarship, which almost fully covers the SAS programme fees. During 2014 and 2018, a total of six HKBU students were awarded the C. Y. Tung Scholarship.


    Founded in 1963, Semester at Sea (SAS) is the world’s premier global comparative education programme open to students of all majors from around the world. The programme is administered by the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) and the Colorado State University is the academic sponsor. Over the past five decades, SAS sailed about 110 voyages, educated 55,000 students from 1,700 institutions around the world and travelled to more than 60 countries.


    The 2020 Spring Voyage (4 January - 20 April 2020) is now open for online application while the application of C. Y. Tung Scholarship is now open until 16 September 2019. Please click here for more details.



    Information Session

    An information session will be held in early September in which more details about the SAS programme and scholarship application will be introduced. The 2018 C. Y. Tung Scholar from HKBU will also share his precious experiences and hints for successful application in the session. Students who are interested in applying for the programme and scholarships are strongly recommended to attend. Please stay tuned for the actual date of the Information Session.


    **Scholarship consultation services from SFA will be provided for this Scholarship. If you need advice or guidance during the application process, such as how to present yourself on the application form, please feel free to consult our scholarship advisors Blanche Pang (Tel: 3411 7458) or Joey Lau (Tel: 3411 7225) or by email to 


    For general tips on completing scholarship application forms, you may click here for reference.

  • Career


    11 JUL - 20 AUG 2019









    6/9  (五)



    全國總決賽 (浙江大學)


  • Scholarships

    Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship 2019/20 (Deadline: 11 August 2019)

    10 JUL - 11 AUG 2019

    With the mission of supporting the livelihood of the disadvantaged and educating the young generation, Centaline Charity Fund Limited has established the Centaline Charity Fund Scholarship in 2011. The Scholarship aims at awarding and supporting full-time senior secondary school students in Hong Kong with outstanding academic achievements for their first undergraduate studies in local, Mainland and overseas universities in academic year 2019-20. The Scholarship is open for application now, please click here for more information.


    (This scholarship is offered/awarded by an external party. SFA is only responsible for promoting it, but not involved in the selection process. For any queries, please contact Centaline Charity Fund Limited at (852) 2501 1505 / (852) 2521 8402 or via email