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For more information, you are always welcome to contact us at 3411 7435, or through email

Counselling FAQ


Psychological counselling is a process helping students to explore and understand themselves better so that they can become more self-directing and fulfilling, and more capable in dealing with their personal issues. Unlike a casual chat with a friend or family member, the counselling process is goal-directed and is bound by professional counselling code of ethics.


The ethics of professional counselling require that information discussed during counselling sessions must be kept strictly confidential. No information about students seen at the Centre can be shared with any third party outside the Centre without the student’s written consent. However, there are rare circumstances when the counsellor has an obligation to breach confidentiality. Those rare circumstances include court order and imminent danger to oneself or others.


All full-time students and UGC funded part-time students of the Hong Kong Baptist University are eligible to use the Centre’s service. If you are not certain, you are always welcome to contact us for enquiry.


Usually each counselling session will last about 50 to 60 minutes. However, the number of session needed depends on the particular person and the type of issue being discussed. You would work with the counsellor to decide when is the best time to stop counselling.


Psychological counselling services are offered at no cost to all eligible HKBU students. For services which may involve a fee, e.g. psychological service trips, specific assessment or training services, etc., students would be informed beforehand.


You can make an appointment by coming to the Centre or by calling 3411 7435 during service hours. Our staff will need your name, student ID number and contact number for making the first appointment.


Students come to see counsellors for a variety of reasons. Some of them wish to seek advice about their personal issues, some wish to understand themselves better to become more fulfilling individuals, while some wish to learn better ways to deal with life difficulties. You may refer to our introduction on counselling services if you need more examples. You may even talk to our counsellors to explore your need for the service!


Please inform us as soon as possible should you wish to cancel or reschedule an appointment, so that another student in need could use the timeslot.


We are constantly bombarded with different challenges in different stages of life. Sometimes, it is normal to feel distressed, to want to air the grievances and to seek advice from someone trustable when the stress becomes difficult to manage. Willing to seek help means you have the courage to own and manage the challenges. It is therefore a strength instead of a weakness!


If it is urgent, you are recommended to consult qualified counselling professional in the local community. You may also leave us a phone/ email message at 3411 7435/ with your name, student ID and contact number and we will get back to you during the service hours as soon as possible.


During counselling, you will work with the counsellor to resolve your own issues. The counsellor’s role is to help you clarify your goals and facilitate you to develop the skills you need to solve the issues on your own in the future. We hope that you will become more self-sufficient in the end.


Our counsellors are proficient in Cantonese, English and Putonghua.  Counselling services in Hindi and Urdu are also available with information listed at this link.