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Green Quest Overseas Green & Cultural Experiential Tour

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What is Green Quest (城林綠影)
The Undergraduate Halls believe GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  As complement to the green programs at the Undergraduate Halls, Green Quest is an annual green program organized by the Undergraduate Halls to enhance green awareness of HKBU students through seminar series and overseas experiential tour.

Program Structure
Green Quest includes three components: Local Training, Overseas Tour and Post Trip Sharing Session.

  1. The Green Foundation
    Local Training includes seminar series provided by professional speakers on topics like environmental problems, social green issues and urban development and planning.  Students will then work on their own researches and brainstorm on how the green effort could be enhanced in Hong Kong and at the University. 
  2. The Green Journey
    As highlight to the Green Quest, students will participate in an overseas tour.  Through local site visits tours and meetings with Scandinavian students and experts, students will have hands-on experience and develop new understandings to how green initiatives could be implemented into everyday life, from the infrastructure and system, city planning, government policy to culture and lifestyle.  Students will take away how sustainable thinking could be combined with economic and social factors under local context.
  3. The Green Giving
    After the Green Journey, students will share their experience and insights from the tour and pass the green message forward.