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Green Quest: Overseas and Local Sustainability Programme

Photo of Green Quest Overseas Tour


 What is Green Quest (城林綠影) 
The Undergraduate Halls believes GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  Green Quest is an annual programme organised by the Undergraduate Halls since 2014/15. It aims to enhance green awareness of HKBU students through local projects and overseas experiential tour. After the green journey, students share their experience from the programme and pass the green messages forward through student-initiated workshops/ activities. Green Quest in Chinese is 城林綠影, which literally means a quest for green shadows through the city jungle.

Programme Structure
Green Quest includes three components: Training, Experience (Local Project Internship / Overseas Tour) and Post Trip Sharing.

  1. The Green Foundation
    A series of online and offline training provided by experts and professional organisations on green and sustainability topics. 
  2. The Green Journey
    As highlight to the Green Quest, students will engage in local project internship / overseas tour. Through hands-on experience, students will develop new understandings to how green initiatives could be implemented into everyday life. Since 2020-21, students brainstorm and work in teams on local engagement projects under the supervision of staff from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Undergraduate Halls.
  3. The Green Giving
    Green Questers, participants of Green Quest will share their experience and insights from the programme and pass the green message forward through student-initiated workshops/ activities (See Green Quester).
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Under the supervision of WWF-HK, student interns initiated and delivered three local programmes to explore and promote green and sustainability in Hong Kong.

1) Green Trail Quest 2) Upcycling Workshop:
Coffee Ground Soap
3) Prototype design on
Coastal Cleaning device

The Green Quest Trail

Coffee Ground Soap Workshop Coastal Cleaning Project
The Green Quest Trail Coffee Ground Soap Workshop Coastal Cleaning Project

Sharing from interns:
… As a geography student, I already have some knowledge about environmental protections and green issues like plastic or food waste problems and sustainable development, therefore this internship allows me to put my knowledge into practice.

... This internship gave me a chance to experience how to organise an event… and polish my skills in many different aspects. This is a great opportunity for me and I did not regret participating in this programme!

… From the workshop, I learned the process of soap making and it reminded me that coffee grounds are also a food waste. I think it is easy for us to neglect some issues in daily life, if we don’t put enough attention. I am also inspired that no act is ever too small. All the small acts would be able to make great impact when they are summed up.

… The internship broadens my horizon and allows me to explore different green issues in Hong Kong that lead me to be more responsible to protect our environment.

… From now on, I would be more mindful whenever I go to beaches. I never realised that beaches could be habitats of fragile organisms. I would be more careful when making plans to go to beaches. I would also pledge to help clean beaches and invite more people to join.

… I found that I have the ability to explore different possibilities of career planning from this internship experience. Although I am not a biology student, I can still organise an eco-tour with the help of a partner. Most importantly, I understand the importance of goals. Until something is done, others will not understand why you are doing these things. However, if you create value for the idea, then people will support you …