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    第一代大學生基金 First-Generation University Student Fund (FGF) 2017-18

    01 SEP - 31 OCT 2017
    第一代大學生基金 First-Generation University Student Fund (FGF) 2017-18

    To help unlock precious opportunities for BU’s first-generation local undergraduates to participate in diverse outside-of-classroom learning activities and develop in an all-rounded manner, HKBU has established the “First-Generation University Student Fund”.  Successful applicants will receive up to $15,000 for participating in different outside-of-classroom learning activities during their studies at HKBU.


    First-Generation University Student Fund 2017/18 is currently open for application. Please click here for more details. Closing date of first round application: 31 October 2017.


    An information session will be held at 5:00pm of 29 September 2017 (Friday) at AAB 301 in which more details about the fund will be introduced. Eligible Students who are interested in applying for the fund should attend. Please register here if you would like to attend the information session.

  • Bursaries and Loans

    蘋果助學金–本地學士生資助計劃 Apple Grant 2017/18 [截止日期:2017年9月29日]

    30 AUG - 29 SEP 2017

    (Chinese version only)
    2017 - 2018年度 「 蘋果日報慈善基金 」 提供  「 蘋果助學金 - 本地學士生資助計劃 」助學金名額,幫助家庭經濟有困難的香港浸會大學全日制本地學生(25歲或以下),提供學業及課外活動的資助。每名助學金得主可獲 HK$5,000。「 蘋果助學金 」 現接受申請,詳情請按此連結查閱。

  • Scholarships | Bursaries and Loans

    香港台山商會大學獎/助學金2017/18 [截止日期:2017年9月26日]

    17 AUG - 26 SEP 2017

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