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In case of emergency where danger is imminent and immediate help is required, please call campus security or the police for immediate assistance. It is important to stay calm and seek help from others nearby in order to ensure personal safety.

Campus Security
Shaw Campus 3411 7777
Baptist University Road Campus 3411 6442
Ho Sin Hang Campus 3411 5555
Student Residential Halls 3411 2665
Security 24-hr Hotline 3411 7777
Hong Kong Police Force
Emergency Call 999

If you are in a lot of distress and urgently need emotional support, you are welcome to drop-in to the Centre to talk to a counsellor directly during office hours. Those who need immediate emotional support outside office hours may access community-based 24-hour hotline services.

24-hour Suicide Prevention Hotlines
Caritas 24-hour Crisis Line 18288
The Samaritans  2896 0000
The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong 2389 2222
Suicide Prevention Services 2382 0000