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Counselling & Consultation


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Individual Counselling

Our Psychological Counsellors are here to help students explore and understand themselves better so that they can become more self-directing and self-actualizing individuals. We promote student growth along a broad spectrum and work with students on the following developmental issues:

Developmental Issues

(Please click here for the list of developmental issues in plain text format.)

Apart from those developmental concerns, students experiencing emotional distress are also strongly recommended to seek professional assistance from our counsellors. Common signs of emotional distress include:

Distress Symptoms

(Please click here for the list of distress signs in plain text format.)

* Other changes in behavior include frequent interpersonal conflict, social withdrawal, excessive dependency, serious grade problem, missing classes/ assignments/ exams, deterioration in personal hygiene, drastic change in appearances, unusual or disruptive behaviors, etc.

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FAQ about counselling

Support for Critical Incident

A student may experience extreme fear, anxiety or overwhelming distress under critical circumstances such as academic failure, loss of a family member or a loved one, financial crisis, serious medical problem, and parents’ marital conflicts, etc. It is normal to be in need of additional assistance and guidance in order to deal with those crises. Our counsellors are available to offer professional support to students during the critical period.

Group Counselling

Group counselling provides an opportunity to explore how you relate to others and benefit from their experiences and support. The activities and honest exchanges of group members inspire students to do introspection and make positive changes.

Group counselling is organized upon request. Please contact the Centre to enquire about organizing a group.


The Centre provides consultation to faculty and other staff when a student’s well-being is of concern. If you are concerned about a student, or become aware of a student who is displaying a number of signs of distress, please contact the Centre and ask to speak to a counsellor.

While our counsellors are ethically and legally unable to discuss the specifics of a client's case without a signed consent for release of information, we may be able to offer some general information and guidelines that would typically apply in situations which are similar to those of the student in question.

If you would like to know more about helping and referring a student, here are some useful tips for you.


All counselling and consultation services are confidential. Information about students will not be shared with anyone without students’ written consent except in emergency situations when there is a clear indication of imminent risk of harm to self or others.

Making Appointment

Appointment can be made/ requested in various ways, you may:

  • Call us at 3411 7435
  • Come to us at WLB 403, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus 
  • Send us an online request form
    (Your request will not be confirmed until you have received a confirmation from our staff via phone or email within the next working day.)

If you urgently need to talk to a counsellor, immediate support is available during office hours. Students who need immediate emotional support outside office hours may access community-based 24-hour hotline services.

Eligibility for Services

Students of the below HKBU programmes with valid University Student ID Cards are entitled to use counselling services free of charge:

  • All programmes funded by the University Grants Committee
  • All self-financed full-time undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • Full-time higher diploma programme(s) from the Academy of Film listed at this table ; and
  • Full-time programme(s) from the School of Continuing Education listed at this table

Note: Students of other self-financed programmes may use the counselling services at a nominal fee.