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eCourses are available on BU eLearning for students to read and enjoy anytime and anywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet. It strengthens students’ knowledge in psychological competence through self-learning electronically.

The collection of eCourse including EQ series, Positive Psychology series and Self-management series are available below.
(Currently A Good Night’s Sleep is offered in both English and Chinese version. Please click here for more details about other eCourses in Chinese.)

Self-management Series

Stress Management

Stress Management



EQ Series


Positive Psychology Series


1) Please login to BU eLearning for access to eCourse.

eCourse is Co-Curricular Learning(CCL)-recognized. For details, please refer to the following links of Co-curricular Learning (CCL) webpage.

3) To register eCourse for CCL units, students are required to pass the quiz of eCourse in BU Moodle within 3 attempts. For details, please refer to the guidelines in BU Moodle.
4) The record of eCourse will be shown in CCL record about four weeks after successful registration.
5) Students of the following programmes can access eCourse via SCE Moodle.
  • All self-financed full-time top-up degree programmes** 
  • Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programmes in early childhood education
  • Full-time undergraduate programme in nursing education
  • CIE associate degree programmes
  • Full-time higher diploma programmes from the Academy of Film
  • Full-time higher diploma programmes from the School of Continuing Education
**If students of self-financed full-time top-up degree programmes have enquiries about CCL registration, please contact programme staff for further assistance (Tel: 3411-3044 / email:。