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Development Courses


Development Courses

Workshops are offered throughout the year to facilitate students’ enhancement of self-understanding and psychological skills. Four series of workshops are opened to all undergraduates. The series are Self Understanding Series, EQ Series, Stress Management Series and Mental Health Series. Psychological assessments and interactive activities could be used in the workshops so as to increase learning effectiveness and facilitate participants’ Whole Person Development.

Poster 2nd Sem 2021-22


Workshop Date & Time Venue Enrollment Application
Mindfulness and Stress Management (Cantonese) 31 Jan 2023


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*Enrollment to be started on 10 Jan 2023


1. All full-time undergraduate students are eligible to enroll the development courses, which are registered under the Co-Curricular Learning (CCL).
2. Please enroll the courses online.  Please contact CDC for further enquiry.
3. Please cancel your enrollment before the workshop enrollment period if you can no longer attend it, so other students could take your seats.
4. Please cancel your enrollment at least 10 days by contacting Counselling Development Centre before the certification course if you can no longer attend it, so other students could take your place.
5. For workshops that are held through online platform, please kindly log into the Zoom Meeting at least 5 minutes before it starts.  No walk-in arrangement is available for the online workshops.


Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course

Mental Health First Aid Standard courses are offered to provide basic information on different mental illness, first aid responses, and community resources to enhance self-care as well as alertness to and acceptance of people in need.

Please click here to view the course website for more details.



The videos aim at promoting mental health and strengthening students’ understanding of mental illness. This could increase their awareness of symptoms of mental illness and consequently their effectiveness in preventing the occurrence of mental illness.

The videos are in Cantonese. Please click here for more details.