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Wofoo Service Leadership Programme (WSLP)

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Wofoo Service Leadership Progranme (WSLP) is co-organized by Leadership Qualities Centre (SA-LQC) and Wofoo Leaders' Network (WLN). With the generous support of Wofoo Social Enterprise (WSE), LQC have organized various inspiring leadership development programmes and activities for our students. In order to promote responsible citizenship, humanitarian, servant leadership and global awareness, LQC and a group of enthusiastic students have formed WLN, which is a student training committee aiming at training student trainers

Wofoo Service Leadership Progranme (WSLP) is to provide students with opportunities to understand and serve the people-in-need of Mainland China through experiential learning activates and direct services, so as to develop student's responsible citizenship as well as servant leadership.


  • To contribute the society through direct service, with this experiential learning approach, student would extend their care and love, as well as reflect the value of life.
  • To better understand the situation and challenges of the people-in-need via face-to face interaction.
  • To develop student responsible citizenship
  • To promote volunteering and servant leadership

Wofoo Service Leadership Programme (WSLP)
Service Programmes (2018-19)

Eligiblity: Member of Wofoo Leaders' Network & HKBU Full-time Undergraduate Students
Aims: With service opportunities in local and mainland China, students could extend their care and serve the needies. By experiential learning approach, students would reflect themselves ,cultivate the service heart and attitude, and understand the situation and challenges different service target encountered.

Hubei Service and Study Trip 18-19
樂齡傳奇 - 湖北長者服務考察團2018-19

The recruitment is closed, thank you for your interest.

Partnering Organization:
Social Workers Across Borders (無國界社工)

Date of Service Trip: 20-27 Jun 2019
Location: Hong Kong and Wuhan, China
Participation Fee: HKD1,500 + 800 Deposit
Online Application: Closed
Interview: 12-14 Feb 2019
Enquiry: Tommy (34115913), Sing (66987738)

Pre-Trip Training Schedule:

Date Time Content
23 Feb (Sat) 1000-1700 Teambuilding, Briefing & Training day
27 Feb (Wed) 1845-2145 Preparation Meeting 1
9 Mar (Sat) 1000-1300 Local Service 1 @ Elderly Home*
20 Mar (Wed) 1845-2145 Preparation Meeting 2
6 Apr (Sat)  1930-2230  Local Service 2 @ Community 
18 May (Sat) 1000-1700 Pre-trip Rehearsal
20-27 May 2019 Whole Day Hubei Service and Study Trip 18-19*
* 1 CCL united would be granted for this activity

The programme is sponsored by “Wofoo Foundation” and “Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-secondary Students (MES)”. Each student can only enjoy the scheme once. For more information about MES, please visit


Hubei Elderly Service Trip - January 2017
Partner: Social Worker Across Borders
Programme information:
With the theme of Life and Death Education, this programme aims to develop student's knowledge, attitude and skills towards elderly service and the related policies in Hong Kong and mainland China through experiential learning activies. This year, 21 students and 4 student organizing committee had gone to Wuhan, Hubei to serve 3 local elderly homes. They had organized serveral workshops and activities for spreading the health care messages. Meanwhile, students visited the elderly's home. Before the trip, they had attended a series of trainings, preparation meetings and local service.

Start of the wonderful journey of elderly service!Start of the wonderful journey of elderly service!

Organize a workshop and draw with elderly in Hubei, ChinaOrganize a workshop and draw with elderly in Hubei, China

Home visit and listen to the elderly’s storyHome visit and listen to the elderly’s story

Paint the Future - Nepal Service Trip - December 2016
Partner: Future Village
Programme information:
In this semester, students had self-initiated a service trip to the remote area of Nepal in Future village. They had conducted 6-days service consisting voluntary teachings in 3 different schools, home visit with the villagers, and painting the classroom. In addition, students would understand the influence of earthquake, the culture and life of Nepal from this experience.

25 students started their fruitful journey here25 students started their fruitful journey here

Purchasing the home visit and teaching materials from local storePurchasing the home visit and teaching materials from local store

6.	Teaching the cultures and famous places of different countriesTeaching the cultures and famous places of different countries

Home visit the inhabitantsHome visit the inhabitants

Paint the wall for a classroomPaint the wall for a classroom

Hubei Service Trip 

Zhang Chunli / Chinese Medicine / Year 2
In the trip to Wuhan, we visited and organised activities to promote health care messages in three elderly homes. Regardless of the background or resources the elderly had, their needs were the same: they wanted to be accompanied and cared by their relatives and friends.

Chin Jia Xin / BBA Accounting / Year 2
I did not have a concrete concept about “community service” since it is rarely discussed in Malaysia. After this trip, I was impressed. I have understood the meaning of “to serve”, and experienced the happiness of “to serve”.

Choi Ka Lok / Sociology / Year 3
This programme inspired me a lot. I learnt about the elderly related issues and reflected more about life and death. Chinese people avoid discussion about death because they think it is too negative. However, everyone will experience death. It made me think more about this topic and the need of preparing the elderly to round off their life journey.

The recruitment is closed, thank you for your interest.

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