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University General Scholarships Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is eligible to apply?
Current students who studied on campus at HKBU in either or both Semesters 1 and 2 in 2016/17 with cGPA of 3.00 or above are eligible to apply. However, the following students are NOT eligible:
- students who have already been awarded admission scholarships, HKSAR Government Scholarship, Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship, Scholarship for Prospective English Teachers, Swire University Scholarship or scholarships (excluding exchange scholarships) with total amount near HK$50,000 in 2017/18
- all JUPAS and non-JUPAS freshmen who were admitted to HKBU in 2017 and without cGPA obtained in their current undergraduate UGC-funded programmes at HKBU
- students without GPA obtained in 2016/17 due to full-year exchange, internship or other reasons 
- graduated students or students about to graduate (i.e., will no longer study in the 2017/18 academic year)

2. Can I apply for University General Scholarships later in the academic year?
No, there is only ONE application exercise for University General Scholarships in each academic year. However, the University General Scholarships do not include scholarships that are awarded via individual application and School/ Department nomination. You can find scholarships that are currently open for application here:

3. There are more than 50 scholarships available for application. Do I need to specify which scholarships I want to apply for?
No, applicants do not need to specify which scholarships they want to apply for.

4. Do I need to ask my professors to write reference letters for me?
No, reference letters are NOT required for the application of University General Scholarships.

5. I would like to apply for scholarships that consider the student's financial needs, but my family member does not have supporting documents for the Annual Income earned from Apr 2016 to Mar 2017 (12 months). What should I do?
Official income proofs from employers / tax return summary are legitimate supporting documents. If your family member is self-employed or does not have proofs from his/her employer(s) for special reasons, he/she may complete a self-prepared income statement (收入自述書). Note that bank books and bank statements without highlights on the income items are NOT acceptable as supporting documents. For samples of self-prepared income statement (收入自述書) please click here.

6. I cannot finish filling out the online application form in one sitting. Can I save it?
Yes, the form will be saved automatically when you click to the next or previous page. You can logout if you cannot complete the form in one sitting. The unfinished form can be modified when you login next time. However, once the form is submitted, no modifications can be made.

7. Is the application complete after I clicked “submit” on the online application platform?
No, online application without the submission of printed application form and copies of all supporting documents will NOT be considered.

8. I do not know what supporting documents are needed. Can I just submit all documents that I have at home?
No, you should ONLY attach relevant supporting documents with your application form. Note that submitting application forms attached with irrelevant documents such as copies of HKID card, HKBU student card, transcripts, activities/service proofs that are not within 3 years, etc. might adversely affect your application.  To prepare well for the application, please read thoroughly the information here.

9. What supporting documents are needed?
Please read all the instructions on the application form and you will know what information requires supporting documents. Again, you should ONLY attach relevant supporting documents with your application form. For example, activities/service proofs that are within the past 3 years, i.e., academic year 2014/15 onwards, and official income proofs from employer / tax return summary / self-prepared income statement (收入自述書) (financial proofs are required only for students who would like to be considered for scholarships that take into consideration the applicant's financial situation). Bank books and bank statements without highlights on the income items are NOT acceptable. For samples of self-prepared income statement (收入自述書) please see:

10. What documents can be used as extra-curricular activities/community service proof? 
Copies of certificates issued by organizers, records on SURE, student development portfolio, letters, name cards, emails, magazines, webpages, newspaper clippings and/or other documents that have (1) your name, (2) the position held and (3) the organization name can be used as the supporting documents for your activities/services. However, please highlight the relevant information. Note that activities/services listed on the form but without proofs will NOT be counted.

11. Can I hand in the application form first, and provide the supporting documents later?
No, any supporting documents that are not submitted with the application form (後補文件) will NOT be considered. Hence, applicants should make sure all supporting documents are attached when they submit their application forms.

12. I tried my best to get the supporting documents, but I really cannot provide all the proofs. Can I have an exception?
No, if applicants cannot provide supporting documents for any reason, it is not the selection panel’s fault and the selection panel cannot consider the proof-less activities/ service/ scholarship/ financial situation, etc. because the selection panel cannot see that the applicants have really done or received what they stated on the form. Requiring all applicants to submit supporting documents provides a fair ground for competition.

13. Is it alright to submit by email the copy of the application form and supporting documents?
No, students should submit the printed (hard copy) application form with copies of all supporting documents. Please note that application form with e-signature or signature not signed by the applicant, and scanned or photocopy of the application form will not be considered.

14. I am a busy student, so can I submit the application form and supporting documents after the deadline?
No, the printed application form and relevant supporting documents should arrive at WLB 401E before 5:30pm on September 15, 2017 (Friday). All late applications will NOT be considered. Note that the time is subject to our office clock, which may or may not be the same as your watch, and the Office of Student Affairs has the discretion to make final judgments on whether the application is considered late.

15. I am in exchange or not in Hong Kong. Can I apply and what should I do? 
Yes, you may post the original signed application form with supporting documents to us by Air Mail or authorize someone you trust, with a letter of authorization (please click here), to submit the application for you on or before 15 September 2017. If you choose to directly mail the application documents to us, note that the mail should reach our Office on or before 15 September 2017. To avoid delay in mail delivery, you are strongly advised to post your documents at least 1 week before the deadline. Our Office has the discretion to decline the mailed application documents should they arrive after the deadline.

16. When will the application results be released?
Application results will be released via emails to your HKBU email account in March/April or as soon as confirmation is received from the donors. You may assume that your application is unsuccessful if you do not hear from us by the end of the second semester of 2017/18. Please login to BUniPort and update your “Bank Account Information” via the “Study Record and Personal Particulars” page. Please note that omission of your bank account information in BUniPort may result in delay of payment of your scholarship, if any.

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