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Metropolitan Attachment Programme


Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is committed to promoting 'Whole Person Education' and providing holistic learning experiences that nurture fully-rounded achievers. The Career Centre strives to inculcate a dynamic and innovative learning culture on campus while soliciting both overseas and local internship opportunities for our students. 

Since 1998, over 3,500 HKBU students have seized the opportunity to engage in internships abroad under the Metropolitan Attachment Programme (MAP). Apart from internships, HKBU students, as global citizens, have also taken steps to promote mutual understanding across time zones, cultures and languages with respect and humbleness. Their endeavour in tackling challenges under different circumstances has rendered them mature individuals.  

Supported by:

Virginia and Stanley Yim Student Development Fund / Student Activities Fund

First-Generation University Student Fund




  • To increase students’ understanding of the operations of the host organisation; 
  • To enrich students’ living and work experience in different cultural environments; 
  • To enhance students’ language and communication skills; and 
  • To strengthen students’ transferrable skills, which prepare them for potential career opportunities.


  • Around 200 highly committed students of high calibre from different disciplines will be placed in different companies worldwide for internships.
  • Students will stay in the assigned city for 6-8 weeks of work experience and 3-5 days of orientation.

Destinations & Contacts

Australia (Melbourne & Sydney)
Programme Coordinator: Ms Yvonne Ho
T: +852 3411 5790


China (Nanjing & Shanghai)
Programme Coordinator: Ms Cora Ng
T: +852 3411 5724




Germany (Berlin & Munich)
Programme Coordinator: Ms Yvonne Ho
T: +852 3411 5790


Programme Coordinator: Ms Yu Hon 
T: +852 3411 5678




Programme Coordinator: Mr Kelvin Wan 
T: +852 3411 2321


South Korea (Seoul)
Programme Coordinator: Ms Janice Chong
T: +852 3411 2615




Programme Coordinator: Ms Penny Lo
T: +852 3411 5278







Your Benefits

  • Our highly motivated students can be an additional workforce, in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our students are all energetic, committed, hard-working and self-motivated. They have all-round skills and a positive work attitude.

Your Role

  • HKBU would like each company to host one or two students.
  • An English (for overseas cities) or a Putonghua/Mandarin (for Mainland cities/Taipei) speaking environment is highly preferable as one of the objectives of the programme is to enhance our students’ English or Putonghua communication skills and their understanding of foreign cultures.
  • The only commitment from the companies is to provide a valuable work experience for our students, preferably with a supervisor assigned.
  • All the reporting hours are at the participating companies’ discretion. However, a normal office hour schedule is strongly advised.
  • At the end of the programme, participating companies are required to complete a performance evaluation for the interns.


  • As this is a non-paid work attachment programme, students will work as volunteers. There is no obligation for host companies to pay salaries or wages. Nevertheless, it is at the companies’ discretion to give stipends to the students.

Insurance Coverage

  • The university will provide insurance coverage for all the students as the programme is classified as a university activity. There is no liability from the host companies.


  • HKBU will have briefed and asked participants to sign an undertaking after they have been accepted to the programme on business ethics. So far there have been no complaints from host companies.


  • Most students will stay as a group in rented apartments/hotels/hostels, for which the university will arrange and prepay the expenses. Alternatively, students may arrange their own accommodation for destinations such as Germany, Japan and Taipei.

Flights, Living Expenses, Local Transportation & Meals

  • Students will take care of their own flight arrangements and living expenses including local transportation and meals.

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