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Peer Assistant Internship Programme



The Learning Commons at HKBU AAB Level 4 and FSC Level 6 are two significant student amenities on campus that provide conducive learning environments to facilitate students' individual and collaborative learning. 

We provide comprehensive services and a wide range of facilities to cater to the needs of students and staff, such as group study rooms, large seminar rooms, computers, and printing facilities.

Learning Commons - Peer Assistant Internship Programme

Peer Assistants
  • Through an experiential learning model and a wide range of service opportunities for enrichment and development, Peer Assistants can expect to:
    • Develop holistically in accordance with the university’s mission
    • Cultivate desired Graduate Attributes 
    • Nurture a positive working attitude
    • Gain practical and engaging work experience
    • Receive training and coaching
    • Identify strengths and potential for future career
  • Certificate of completion subject to:
    • Satisfactory grade in individual performance review at the end of each semester
    • Completion of required trainings and working hours
  • Hourly allowance / reimbursement: $50/hour

Working Hours

  • Rostered as per operational requirements
  • Peer Assistants are required to commit more than 100 working hours in two semesters (minimally 50 hours per semester)


  • Assist in daily operations and frontline engagements
    • Assisting in room booking service
    • Handling user inquiries
    • Resolving printing issues
    • Executing rules and regulations
    • Leading guided tours
    • Promoting and facilitating events
  • Service to the university community
  • Projects under the supervision and guidance of staff members

First Training Day (compulsory): 18 September, 2021



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