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U-Life Orientation Workshop - Personal Transformation Workshop (UOW1)

Personal Transformation Workshop

The University is committed to provide Whole Person Education for our students. Through a holistic approach to education, we are committed to nurturing them with desired attributes necessary in today’s globalised world. Not only will students get a degree when they graduate. By making good use of university education, students can transform themselves, and one day transform the world.

The Counselling and Development Centre of HKBU offers the Personal Transformation Workshop to help newly admitted students plan ahead so that they can make the most of their university education. This is also a non-credit bearing graduation requirement (UOW1) for undergraduate degree students. The workshop is conducted in August every year during New Student Induction.


1. Enhance new students' awareness of their developmental state of Whole Person Development

2. Introduce HKBU’s concept of Whole Person Development, its domains and factors

3. Facilitate new students to plan for their university life

4. Increase new students’ awareness of opportunities and resources provided by the University


Features of the Workshop


Self-understanding by the use of professional psychometric test

Prior to the workshop, new students will be asked to spend 5-10 minutes to complete the Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI). It is the first psychological assessment tool developed to measure whole person development of college students with Chinese ethnicity. On completion of the survey, new students will obtain an instant report on their developmental state of Whole Person Development.



Workshop conducted by qualified trainers

In the workshop, WPDI result will be interpreted and the concept of Whole Person Development will be illustrated by a professional trainer who is qualified to interpret the psychometric test.



Sharing and mentoring by peers in small groups

Peer mentors, who are senior students of the new students’ major or faculty, will come and share their university life experience with new students. They will introduce university resources and opportunities to the new students and share their experiences of making use of those resources and opportunities to strive for holistic development. In addition, the peer mentors will discuss with the new students, give them advice and recommendations in small group discussions.



Mentoring by professionals for follow-up actions

More mentoring and guidance for planning of university life will be provided for new students if they choose to enrol in the Whole Person Development Mentoring Programme during the workshop. After the workshop, each participant of the Whole Person Development Mentoring Programme will be assigned to a university professional staff as mentor. One-on-one mentoring will be provided at the beginning of 1st semester of participants’ university life. This can help ensure that the participants will not miss any opportunity which is conducive to their whole person development.


For enquiries, please contact the Counselling and Development Centre at 34117435 or email