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U-Life Orientation Workshop - Personal Transformation Workshop (UOW1)

Personal Transformation Workshop

The University is committed to provide Whole Person Education. All new students are required to attend the Personal Transformation Workshop (UOW1), one of the University Life Orientation Workshops.


1. Enhance new students' awareness of their developmental state of Whole Person Development

2. Introduce HKBU’s concept of Whole Person Development, its domains and factors

3. Facilitate new students to plan for their university life

4. Increase new students’ awareness of opportunities and resources provided by the University


Personal Transformation Workshop (UOW1) Make-up

Students who are admitted to the University in 2018-19

1. Complete the Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI)
  Login to the online WPDI eSystem with your university account to complete the Whole Person Development Inventory. Results will be immediately available after submitting your questionnaire.
2. Complete the make-up session by doing either (a) or (b)
a. If you can read Chinese, please login to HKBU Moodle with your university account to complete the course “Personal Transformation Workshop 2018.” (Chinese only).

If you cannot read Chinese, please call the Counselling and Development Centre at 34117435 to make an one-hour appointment with a counsellor for WPDI interpretation. Please specify the aim of the appointment as "PT Workshop make-up" when you make the appointment.

Students who were admitted to the University in 2017-18 or before

Please write a reflection paper on the following topic in no fewer than 1,300 words and send your paper to The topic is:

“How have you been actualizing Whole Person Development through participation of university activities since studying in HKBU? What is your plan for continuing or strengthening Whole Person Development in the coming year?”


Should you have any enquiries or technical issues, please contact the Counselling and Development Centre at 3411-7435 or email to