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Outward Bound Training 2022



Sponsored by the Providence Foundation, we are eagerly presenting the Outward Bound Training 2022 in the coming summer! 
Conducted by the Hong Kong Outward Bound School, the programme consists of a 7 days 6 nights sea kayaking, hiking and sailing courses that features rock climbing, high ropes course activities and more!  This adventure-based experiential programme will offer you a live-changing experience which lead to self-challenge and discovery. Don't miss the chance!



The future is uncertain for all of us. Even though the road ahead is thorny,
even though the future is bumpy, we will only move forward, like how we did in this journey,
leaving behind a fearless shadow. 

~ HKBU Team (06 - 12 June 2020) ~

HKBU 2021

During this journey, we have built an incredible team spirit as we experience
through the hardship and share the beautiful views simultaneously. We are
proud to be Team ‘BB Jai’!
I hope that I can join it again, it will be another exciting journey for sure.

~ HKBU Team (12 - 18 June 2021) ~


“It is a worthy, life changing and unforgettable journey in my life”
"Taking the first step to a new challenge is always a hard decision. Yet, it is a decision that I will never regret."
“Exploring the nature is extremely romantic"
“A valuable opportunity to understand myself, realize my potentials. I found I can go further than I can imagine”
"Looking at the sea from sunset to sunrise, reviewing my life and secretly planned for the next decade"
“I gained inspirations from peers of different ages and backgrounds”
"Both the teammates and the coaches were the best buddies I have ever met"
"The 7 days were so amazing. The days were filled with sweat, and at the same time, love and care"

~ HKBU Team (Year 2017-2021) ~

Programme Details:


Information Session: (Fri) 28 Jan 2022, 6:30pm 

Briefing Session: (Wed) 13 Apr 2022, 6:30pm [ For selected applicants ONLY ]

Adventures Dates: (Sun) 29 May - (Sat) 4 June 2022 (7 days 6 nights) [ For selected applicants ONLY ]

Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

HKBU current students 
Selected applicants would be invited to attend an online interview on March 17-18, 2022. 


$930 course fee ($800 programme fee + $130 insurance)  AND
$500 refundable deposit
(Original cost: $7,700!)

Remarks: 1 CCL Recognition upon completion of programme and submission of report

Online Information Session:

Date: 28 Jan 2022 (Fri)
Time: 6:30 -7:30pm
Speaker: Coach from Outward Bound Hong Kong

Outward Bound Training 2022 Registration:


Briefing Date & Time: (Wed) 13 Apr 2022, 6:30pm [ For selected applicants ONLY ]
Adventures Dates: (Sun) 29 May - (Sat) 4 June 2022 (7 days 6 nights) [ For selected applicants ONLY ]

Mr. Chan
Contact: 3411 7742