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  • Social & Team Building

    [UG] Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊

    30 DEC 2020 - 06 JAN 2021
    [UG] Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊

    UPDATED: more overseas participants are included and deadline extended to 10 Dec, 10 am!

    Would you like to “travel” to different countries and explore unknown cultures?

    Here is a chance to meet youths from Spain, Czech Republic, Kenya, South Sudan, Japan, Egypt, Mexico and Indonesia in 1 week and team-up to complete cultural exploration challenges! The best way to see the world under the pandemic and be connected to the global community through participating in fun online games with new friends.

    Join us to explore the unique culture and campus life of different countries in this winter semester break!  Open to all HKBU UG students, priority to Halls residents.

    Online Platform
    Application Deadline
    10 Dec 2020, 10:00 am (Thursday)
  • Career

    免費網上講座 -- 張騫計劃同學會:「一帶一路」國家升學與就業 (內地篇)

    29 OCT - 07 NOV 2020
    免費網上講座 -- 張騫計劃同學會:「一帶一路」國家升學與就業 (內地篇)

    免費網上講座 -- 張騫計劃同學會:「一帶一路」國家升學與就業 (內地篇)

    「一帶一路」是非常宏大的發展策略,不但革新亞洲的經濟格局,而且能為香港年青人締造多樣機遇,發揮勇於外闖的冒險精神,跟隨國家「一帶一路」策略,將會找到無盡的機會。有見及此,海上絲綢之路協會張騫計劃同學會與星學滙將合作舉辦線上講座, 向大眾推廣介紹中國內地的升學和就業前景、及生活實用訊息。

    日期:    07/11/2020 (六)
    時間:    15:00 – 17:00
    形式:    ZOOM
    語言:    廣東話

    ● 曾詠琳小組,Ms Beatrix Tsang,中國傳媒大學傳媒系,企業公關及品牌主任
    ● 洪靜欣小組,Ms Janelle Hung,天津財經大學國際金融專業,商務拓展經理
    ● 黎銳浠先生,Mr Christopher Lai,香港教育大學音樂教育三年級生

    ● 余晧均先生,Mr Alex Yu,中國人民大學哲學系,海絲會項目統籌
    查詢: 電郵


  • Support & Services

    Cancellation of HPV Vaccination Programme 2020-21

    09 OCT - 31 DEC 2020

    HPV Vaccination Programme for 2020-21 would be cancelled due to the rapidly evolving development and uncertainty arising from the COVID-19.

  • Knowledge Enhancement

    [UG] Webinar - What is meant by empathy? How does it work with senior citizens?

    22 SEP 2020
    [UG] Webinar - What is meant by empathy? How does it work with senior citizens?

    Hall Fellow – Resident Connect Series (FeRe):
    Webinar - What is meant by empathy? How does it work with senior citizens? - Delivered by Dr. Kenny CHUI. 

    What and how is the best way to interact with senior citizens in social services? What is the meaning and implication to us in developing an ageing-friendly city? Do your care and concern is a kind of "empathy" or "sympathy"? 
    Let's join the CCL-recognised Webinar to enter a new era of ageing. All HKBU students are welcome.

    22 Sep 2020 (Tuesday)
    7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
    Zoom Webinar
    Application Deadline
    20 September 2020 (Sunday)
  • Campus Life

    Get Connected with Student Organizations

    01 - 30 SEP 2020