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Our Hearts are in Hong Kong!


As there's a growth in numbers of international & local non-Chinese (ethnic minority) undergraduate students in Hong Kong Baptist University, and the community will be even bigger in the future, the HKBU International Association (IA) was established. IA acts as a liaison between international students and the University management and aims to enrich international and ethnic minority students' campus life and promote internationalisation on campus.

All undergraduate full-time international students (non-local non-Mainland) and local non-Chinese (ethnic minorities) are welcome to be members. The association also extends its reach to full-time postgraduate international and ethnic minority students.

The ultimate goal of IA is to raise the awareness and sensitivity of the whole HKBU community towards the presence of the international & local non-Chinese students and to increase the significance of international & local non-Chinese students' participation in the whole HKBU community as a whole to achieve an internationalised university environment. With the promotion of inclusiveness and internationalisation of HKBU in mind, IA established an event organising committee called the Global Engagement Squad (GES) to organise various activities welcoming every one of the HKBU community, including local, Mainland, and international students and staff.

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IA Core Members 2021/2022 

We are proud to present the IA Core Members 2021/2022. These Core Members strive to serve all IA members in promoting internationalisation as well as improving and maintaining the welfare of all IA members.

Financial Support for Student Activities

About Global Engagement Squad GES (For International Students and Ethnic Minority Students)

About HKBU V-Care Campaign Ethnic Minorities Engagement Grant (EMEG) (For Ethnic Minority Students)