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  • Campus Life

    Election of TPg and By-election of COMM, SCA & SCM of Student Members to the Senate 2022/2023

    12 - 25 OCT 2022
    Election of TPg and By-election of COMM, SCA & SCM of Student Members to the Senate 2022/2023

    The Senate regulates the academic affairs of the University as well as the welfare and discipline of the students. Therefore, it is essential that students are represented so that their views and concerns are properly addressed in the Senate.

  • Community Engagement

    [UG] PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme (Phase 1)

    07 OCT 2022 - 18 MAR 2023
    [UG] PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme  (Phase 1)

    Being mindful of and taking actions to improve one’s physical and mental health is crucial especially during the post-pandemic recovery.  
    In PUNCH for Your Health, students will learn the sports and strengthen oneself, then carry forward the positivity by providing training to some underprivileged teenagers in the community.  After the training, with a bond built up between the students and the teenagers, the teenagers will be invited to visit HKBU campus for a personal development workshop, to be delivered by the students.

    Venue (Stage 1–3)
    Studio Battalion, Sheung Wan
    Venue (Stage 4)
    23 Sep 2022
  • Community Engagement

    [UG] PLUS+ Ambassador programme

    03 OCT 2022 - 31 MAR 2023
    [UG] PLUS+ Ambassador programme

    An internship experience to Learn, Internalise and Spread Positivity around.

    The uncertainties brought by the pandemic, including the lack of social contacts, the mandatory quarantine and worries towards the future in general, induced stress to the public. 

    The study of Positive Psychology and Life Education allows us to discover and nurture our character strengths, be resilience and learn the true meaning and value of life. PLUS+ provides training to student ambassadors on Positive Psychology and Life Education. Our ambassadors will prepare workshops and develop tools to promote positivity to various community groups. Including, to design a set of tool cards to spread the message extensively to the residents of the Undergraduate Halls.

    Oct 2022 - Apr 2023
    23 Sep 2022, 4 pm
  • Scholarships

    Au Bak Ling Charity Trust – Scholarship Scheme 2022-23 (Deadline: 14 October 2022)

    28 SEP - 14 OCT 2022

    The Au Bak Ling Charity Trust has been established for the purpose of helping needy students studying to become teachers in Hong Kong. For the academic year 2022-23, 20 scholarships of HK$10,000 each are open for competition to all outstanding full-time Year 2 or above undergraduates in Hong Kong with brilliant academic performance, especially those promising ones who require financial assistance. Those students who are in desperate need of financial aid may be granted a double-scholarship of HK$20,000. For more details,  please click here for more details.


    Note: In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, such as extreme weather, that resulted in the sudden closure of SFA Counter on the day of the deadline, SFA will extend the deadline of application to 5:30pm of the following working day.

  • First-Generation University Student Fund

    Sign up HKBU First-Generation University Student Fund (FGF) NOW!!

    Sign up HKBU First-Generation University Student Fund (FGF) NOW!!

    HKBU First-Generation University Student Fund (FGF) was established to help unlock precious opportunities for BU’s first-generation local undergraduates to participate in diverse outside-of-classroom learning activities and develop in an all-rounded manner. Successful applicants will receive up to $15,000 for participating in different outside-of-classroom learning activities. The subsidy amount will be pro-rata for applicants of senior years. Therefore, the earlier you apply for the Fund, the higher amount of subsidy you are entitled to. 

    New applicants who meet the eligibilities can now sign up FGF. Please click here for more details. 


    Note: Previous successful applicants need not apply again.