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HKBU Model United Nations Club


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  • Do you have a knack for international relations?

  • Are you curious about the ever-increasing political tension?

  • Want to act as a professional UN diplomat?


What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

  • An authentic simulation of the United Nations (UN) committee structure, where students assume the roles of United Nations member states to discuss and develop resolutions for issues of international scope and importance
  • An experience based on diplomacy, compromises, knowledge, learning, and friendships

Why should I join HKBU MUN Club?

The HKBU MUN Club is here to fulfil your ambition:

  • - To expand your capacity for public speaking
  • - To equip you with diplomatic and inter-personal skills
  • - To broaden your global horizon through participation in overseas conferences

(e.g. National Model United Nations -New York, Geneva International Model United Nations, Singapore Model United Nations.)

We also provide you with a series of useful MUN trainings which all aim to:

  • Enrich and expand your breadth of knowledge, social concern, and awareness of regional and international issues and relations;
  • Strengthen your research, critical-thinking, analytical, negotiation, and presentation skills;
  • Promote your understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural cooperation as you meet with elites from around the world; and 
  • Foster your passion to serve the local community and global village.

Executive Committee members are responsible for running the club from MUN training designs to organizing events with the support from Office of Student Affairs. They also serve as mentors for the trainees. Not only that they intentionally support and advise all of the students throughout their training, but they are also responsible for the training sessions and leading the delegations to overseas conferences.





Muhammad Zulkifl / English Language & Literature and English Education / Year 3

Upon arriving at HKBU, I yearned for a place that allowed me to expand my public speaking skills. Walking along with the campus, I happened upon a booth promoting the HKBUMUN Club, and the rest is pretty much history. MUN has not only been an experience for me to throw myself into the chaos of international affairs but also a chance to meet like-minded people. After two years of participating, I am now taking on the torch to continue the legacy that is HKBUMUN. I hope you come along for the ride!

Vice president


Vice President

Diane Zhang / Humanities / Year 4 

Hi everyone, this is Diane form the Exco team. My MUN experience has helped me to ponder over the risks to humanity, such as the misuse of artificial intelligence, inequalities intensified by pandemics, and climate change. These matters alert us to the most crucial and yet ignored — challenges we will ever encounter. During delegates developmet, you can deepen your understanding regarding global issues in an objective manner, you can also enhance your research skills and the ability to communicate ideas. It is not just about what can be achieved, but what is open for people to achieve once they have learned to focus on the same rather than the differences. If you wish to look for your spark, this is the platform!


director of academics


Director of Academics

Gordon Mak / History / Year 3

Hello everyone, I am Gordon from the HKBUMUN Executive Committee. Ever since I was a young boy, I've been interested in international politics and current affairs around the world. I am sure that many of you are also concerned about world affairs and our club is just the perfect place for you to discuss world affairs through simulating a United Nations conference in which you can exchange your ideas with other enthusiasts around the world. By interacting with people of different cultures and statuses, we hope we can come uo with a solution that could make the world a better place. If you wish to start and continue your journey of solving world issues, the HKBUMUN club is the best place for you.

director of external affairs


Director of External Affairs

Sanskar Shrestha / Computer Science / Year 2

Hey there! I am Sanskar — a deep thinker and an explorer. Self-growth has always been an important trait in my personality. This growth mindset has helped me get out of my confort zone and challenge myself by doing things that I had never done before. This same trait of mine has pushed me onto this journey of MUN where I am learning about diplomacy, politics, and international relations. So, without having any doubts, join us in this exciting journey of exploration and growth.

Director of Internal Development


Director of Internal Development

Rachel Yeung / Government & International Studies / Year 3

Hello everyone, this is Rachel from the Executive Committee. MUN provides a platform for all of us to challenge ourselves. As a student who is keen on knowing internaitonal issues, I then decided to give myself an opportunity to become a MUN Exco. It is believed that our public speaking and communication skills can be enhanced throughout this journey. Besides being a student studying International Studies, I hope to gain more practical and professional experiences in this club to train my critical thinking and negotiation skills. That's why I am here today and look forward to seeing more friends join our activities and conferences!

Director of communications


Director of Communications

Michael Chong / English Language & Literature / Year 3

Swimmer + Tech fanatic + Public speaker + Content creator, that’s me — Michael. Joining MUN, public speaking competitions, and creating online content on platforms like YouTube, Bilibili, and Weibo in the past year has allowed me to experience some very high highs, making me hungry for more. Life is too short for regrets, so don't hesitate any more and join me in the journey to become the best possible version of yourself :)

director of communications


Director of Communications

Sumina Suwal / Government & International Studies / Year 2

Hi everyone! I am Sumina. I believe MUN is a great opportunity for students to understand more about current world affairs and helps students boost their self-confidence in public speaking. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge on world affairs and looking to do something out of your comfort zone, join our club!


HKBU Model United Nations Club is now recruiting members!

You are more than welcomed to join us regardless of your major and study year. 

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Benefits of being our member: 

  • Opportunities of joining local and overseas MUN conferencesScholarships for attending overseas conferences 
  • Problem-solving and public speaking skills
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Meeting more friends from all over the world
  • Excos will be fully subsidized and members will receive 70% subsidy when attending the overseas conference(s)

Interested parties may apply via by 1 October 2021.

HKBU MUN CLUB 2021-2022 Annual Schedule




Sep, 2021

Members Recruitment

Oct - Nov, 2021

Orientation Night

Training Sessions

Mock Conference Simulation

Dec - Jan, 2022

Leisure Activities

Conference Simulation

Delegate Selection

Feb - Mar, 2022

Training for selected delegates

Local Conferences

Overseas Conferences

Mar - Aug, 2022

HKBU MUN Conference

MUN Conferences

Delegations will be sent to participate in local conferences (within HK) when available.
The above schedule is tentative and may subject to changes without prior notice.


Tel: (+852) 3411 5913

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University