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HKBU Model United Nations Club



  • Do you have a knack for international relations?

  • Are you curious about the ever-increasing political tension?

  • Want to act as a professional UN diplomat?


What is Model United Nations (MUN)?

  • An authentic simulation of the United Nations (UN) committee structure, where students assume the roles of United Nations member states to discuss and develop resolutions for issues of international scope and importance
  • An experience based on diplomacy, compromises, knowledge, learning, and friendships

Why should I join HKBU MUN Club?

The HKBU MUN Club is here to fulfil your ambition:

  • - To expand your capacity for public speaking
  • - To equip you with diplomatic and inter-personal skills
  • - To broaden your global horizon through participation in overseas conferences

(e.g. Harvard World MUN, London International

Why should I participate in HKBU MUN Training Programme?

To prepare you for the MUN conference and to enhance your overall MUN experience, the MUN Program provides you with a series of useful trainings which all aim to:

  • Enrich and expand your breadth of knowledge, social concern, and awareness of regional and international issues and relations;
  • Strengthen your research, critical-thinking, analytical, negotiation, and presentation skills;
  • Promote your understanding of cultural diversity and cross-cultural cooperation as you meet with elites from around the world; and 
  • Foster your passion to serve the local community and global village.

Peer Advisers (PAs) serve as mentors for the trainees. They intentionally support and advise all of the students throughout their training. PAs are responsible for preparing MUN training materials that will aid in the training sessions and lead the delegations to overseas conferences.

Rex CHAN, President, HKBUMUN Club

If war is the last resort of diplomacy, negotiation will be the key to peace. If conflicts are inevitable, dialogues will always be the prescription. And if you also find yourself eager to solve the world issues for a better tomorrow, join us today, and now. Together we go far.

Daniel CHAN, Director of Academics

Since I joined MUN in my freshmen year, I have looked at world affairs from a different perspective, in particular, that from a state. "Change" is what our club aims to accomplish. I feel like there is so much we can do by creating a platform for high-level debate on global issues. I encourage students, especially those who are passionate about current world affairs, to join our club and enjoy the fun of being a UN diplomat!

Cicely WONG, Director of Communications

Joining MUN was an interesting idea to me as it requires the understanding of political affairs from different perspectives so that we could simulate real conferences that are held by diplomats. It is challenging but at the same time horizon-widening. Don't be afraid to take the first step, as the coming experience will be incredibly fruitful.

Celia LAI, Director of External Development

I'm in my senior year but I still indulge myself into MUN. The world is expecting more from us. We are part of the "global village". We are to promote "sustainability". Yet they remain slogans if we put nothing into deeds. MUN engages the young from diverse backgrounds into world pressing issues. We are exposed to a place where every vote counts and to generate creative solutions. It is also a place to get inspired, to build up network and to prepare for the future.



Gabriel HA, Director of Internal Development

I spent 4 years doing this - and until now. Time speaks, and now you know why I am still here? Coz I am just waiting for you.


Training Content

  • Understanding MUN/ Conference
  • Introduction to Impromptu speech
  • Introduction to Position Paper
  • Research Skills
  • Draft resolution
  • Crisis solving
  • Mock game
  • Seminars

Training Schedule

Frequency: Once a week
Time: Weekdays' night
Venue: HKBU (Kowloon Tong Campus)

Month Content
Sept Open for registration
  Information Session
  Screening Interview (If any)
Sept - Nov Welcome Session
  Training workshop
Jan - Feb Training workshop
  Preparations for Local / Overseas MUN Conferences
Feb - Mar Pre-trip Briefing
  Local MUN Conference
  Overseas MUN Conference
April Post-trip Sharing & Award Presentation Ceremony
  Submission of Post-trip assignments


All full-time undergraduate students in HKBU are welcome to join.

Application Procedure

Complete the online form


Tel: (+852) 3411 2326

Address: Room 401, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies, Shaw Campus, Hong Kong Baptist University