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    EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge

    16 APR - 15 JUN 2021

    EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge                - Poster                   - Flyer

    Who is eligible?
    • Students who are studying in any university located in Hong Kong and will graduate between 2022-2023.
    • The Competition is open to all majors, including but not limited to, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Computer, Engineering, Technology, Science, Mathematics etc.

    Cash Awards for Location Winners (per Group):
    • Classification Challenge: 1st Prize HK$6,000; 2nd Prize HK$3,000
    • Prediction Challenge: 1st Prize HK$10,000 + 4 weeks internship/conditional offer; 2nd Prize HK$5,000

    Application deadline: 15 June 2021

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    IBCOL competitions 2021

    16 - 19 APR 2021

    My name is Joyce Wang, and I am the project manager of IBCOL 2021.

    In a bid to increase the competitiveness against overseas talent in the IBCOL 2021, and ultimately the employability of students, we are currently organizing the International Blockchain Olympiad, an annual global competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions for real-world problems with blockchain technology.

    As we believe the HKBU engages students with comprehensive skills in the industry, we would like to invite Career Centre to help us promote to prospective students to join our competition.

    To join, students, of team 1 - 6 persons, will need to submit a 1 to 10-page whitepaper on or before 19th April 2021, as published on the website. Historically, we have seen many students hailing from HKBU seen great success in the IBCOL competitions around the world, so we would like to extend the deadline for students until 25th April 2021 to give them a good chance to participate and learn in a meaningful way.

    Send the whitepaper to with the subject [HKBCOL2021_CompetitorID_Submission] and attach your whitepaper as [HKBCOL2021_CompetitorID_Whitepaper]

    The whitepaper would need to include the student's proposed used cases in the industry of their choice. The attached document is some of our rules and eligibility and evaluation criteria for a proposal (not whitepaper), but still, adding these elements to a whitepaper would be a great reference for your students.

    For more details of the competition, please visit

    Register now:

    We would really appreciate your help in contributing to the success of the IBCOL 2021. Looking forward to their proposals.

    Joyce Wang
    Project Coordinator
    IBCOL 2021

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    黃大仙青年發展網絡 - 學生暑期實習體驗計劃2021

    15 APR - 11 MAY 2021

    黃大仙青年發展網絡 - 學生暑期實習體驗計劃2021



      感謝 貴校一直以來支持「黃大仙.動起來」計劃各項活動。其中「學生暑期實習體驗計劃2021」亦即將展開。這項計劃目的是協助黃大仙區青少年尋找合適實習機會,提早接觸職場,進行生涯規劃。有關活動詳情,請參閱隨函附件(一)的計劃簡介。

      現誠邀 貴校支持及推廣上述活動,並提名合適的學生參與活動。凡有興趣參與學生請2021年5月11日(星期二)或之前,將填妥附件(二)的參加表格以電郵(或傳真(3549 6051)交回黃大仙民政事務處,以便安排於5月24日參加工作坊及於5月29日進行面試。

      如對計劃有任何查詢,歡迎致電3143 1142 聯絡。



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    Young Talent Virtual Internship Experience Programme (VIE) Summer Intake

    14 - 28 APR 2021

    Young Talent Virtual Internship Experience Programme (VIE) Summer Intake   (Poster)

    -18 to 30 years old
    -Post-secondary/Undergraduate/Postgraduate students of universities or tertiary institutions
    -Any academic field and year of study

    Programme Duration: June to Sept 2021/  Varying among host companies (indication: minimum 100 working hours)
    Programme Fee : HK$3,800.-
    Application Deadline: 28 April 2021 (Wednesday)
    Application method:


    [HKBU will provide a lump sum of HK$1,900 subsidy to each participating student (*applicable to UGC funded undergraduates only) after the completion of internship with satisfactory performance. All the quotas will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.]

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    Young Talent Global Career Exploration Programme (Guangzhou)

    14 - 28 APR 2021

    Young Talent Global Career Exploration Programme (Guangzhou)   (Poster)

    -18 to 30 years old
    -Hong Kong Citizen (BOTH permanent & non-permanent residence eligible)
    -Undergraduate/Postgraduate of universities or tertiary institutions
    -Any academic field and year of study

    Period of Internship: 18 July to 28 August 2021
    Programme Fee:   HK$2,800.

    [p.s.: the fee includes HK/Guangzhou transportation, local accommodation, working day meals, local travelling subsidy, group insurance, weekend activities & “Seeding’s Academy” webinars.]

    Application Deadline:  28 April 2021
    Application method: