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    Cyberport Academy x AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathway Competition 2021

    20 APR - 01 SEP 2021

    Cyberport Academy x AWS Educate Cloud Career Pathway Competition 2021

    Participating students could kick start their Cloud Career Pathways that align curriculum directly to specific careers like software developer, data scientist, machine learning and cloud architect with the support from AWS Educate.

    Programme Information

    Information session: 27th April 2021 (Tuesday), 15:00 – 16:00
    Language: English
    Format: ZOOM webinars
    Registration is required for attending the info session
    Registration Link:

    1st May – 31st August 2021 : Apply a FREE student account with your school email through
    Competition and complete Badges / Pathway as many as possible

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    IBCOL competitions 2021

    16 - 19 APR 2021

    My name is Joyce Wang, and I am the project manager of IBCOL 2021.

    In a bid to increase the competitiveness against overseas talent in the IBCOL 2021, and ultimately the employability of students, we are currently organizing the International Blockchain Olympiad, an annual global competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions for real-world problems with blockchain technology.

    As we believe the HKBU engages students with comprehensive skills in the industry, we would like to invite Career Centre to help us promote to prospective students to join our competition.

    To join, students, of team 1 - 6 persons, will need to submit a 1 to 10-page whitepaper on or before 19th April 2021, as published on the website. Historically, we have seen many students hailing from HKBU seen great success in the IBCOL competitions around the world, so we would like to extend the deadline for students until 25th April 2021 to give them a good chance to participate and learn in a meaningful way.

    Send the whitepaper to with the subject [HKBCOL2021_CompetitorID_Submission] and attach your whitepaper as [HKBCOL2021_CompetitorID_Whitepaper]

    The whitepaper would need to include the student's proposed used cases in the industry of their choice. The attached document is some of our rules and eligibility and evaluation criteria for a proposal (not whitepaper), but still, adding these elements to a whitepaper would be a great reference for your students.

    For more details of the competition, please visit

    Register now:

    We would really appreciate your help in contributing to the success of the IBCOL 2021. Looking forward to their proposals.

    Joyce Wang
    Project Coordinator
    IBCOL 2021

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    The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong- Digital Marketing & Events Internship (3 months Part-time/ Full-time)

    16 - 19 APR 2021
    The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong- Digital Marketing & Events Internship (3 months Part-time/ Full-time)

    The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong- Digital Marketing & Events Internship (3 months Part-time/ Full-time)

    Application method: send resume to with email subject: Digital Marketing & Events Internship

    Application deadline: 19 Apr 2021

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    Earth Forum 2021 - Promotion Invitation

    16 - 22 APR 2021
    Earth Forum 2021 - Promotion Invitation

    Friends of the Earth (HK). Our organization would like to invite students who are interested in joining the environment sector or green finance industry to attend the Earth Forum 2021 on April 22 via Zoom. As we encourage human capital incubation and to support more youth to take the ESG journey, we would like to invite you to help with event promotion and distribution through the university network. Free registration will be available for university students. Feel free to have a look at the attached agenda for your reference and details below.

    Given the background that Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. COVID-19 has shown us the necessity of thinking ahead, our world needs transformational change. Friends of the Earth (HK) will demonstrate support for the environment movement and progress and organize the Earth Forum 2021 at Earth Day to debate on how green finance can catalyze decarbonisation and restore our environment.

    - Poster              - Flyer               - Summary

    Event details
    Date:22 April 2021 (Thursday)
    Time:16:00 - 18:00 HKT / SGT
    10:00 - 12:00 CET
    Language: English
    Venue: Zoom
    Register Now:
    Please visit our website to learn more details:


    •    Announcement of the first scholarship for internationally recognized ESG accreditation in Hong Kong
    •    Hong Kong’s first batch of Certified ESG Analysts (CESGA®) Sharing
    •    Analysis of performance and strategies of low-carbon transition of the electric-vehicle market from the senior management from Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), HKEX, automotive Industry

    For more information, please visit our website. Or contact the Green Finance Team at or (+852) 3184 1510 to learn more.

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    EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge

    16 APR - 15 JUN 2021

    EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge                - Poster                   - Flyer

    Who is eligible?
    • Students who are studying in any university located in Hong Kong and will graduate between 2022-2023.
    • The Competition is open to all majors, including but not limited to, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Computer, Engineering, Technology, Science, Mathematics etc.

    Cash Awards for Location Winners (per Group):
    • Classification Challenge: 1st Prize HK$6,000; 2nd Prize HK$3,000
    • Prediction Challenge: 1st Prize HK$10,000 + 4 weeks internship/conditional offer; 2nd Prize HK$5,000

    Application deadline: 15 June 2021