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Upcoming Events
  • 10 AUG | 30 APR

    Community Engagement

    [UG] Community Engagement Organisers - Elderly Care Programme

    [UG] Community Engagement Organisers - Elderly Care Programme

    Have you ever thought of serving the elderly in need in the neighboring community with the talents and gifts you have? In Hong Kong today, more than 120,000 elderly who are aged 65 or above live alone and many of them are socially inactive due to multiple reasons including physical and mental health conditions. Here in the Student Residence Hall, we have a burden to serve the community and we would like to partner with you all in making a difference.


    Sept 2018 - Apr 2019
    Application Deadline
    20 January 2019 (Sunday)
  • 31 AUG | 27 APR

    Campus Life

    VR Room

    VR Room

    Virtual reality (VR) provides new ways for people to interact with information and media. The Learning Commons offers a VR Room for students to gain immeasurably experience from the enhanced information delivery in three-dimensional and VR digital formats. It is equipped with the two major current VR platforms, the Steam and the HTC Viveport. There are many applications available to enhance students’ learning initiative and experience.

  • 12 OCT | 01 FEB
  • 08 JAN | 22 FEB


    Hall Tutors and Non-Local Mentors Recruitment 2019-20

    Hall Tutors and Non-Local Mentors Recruitment 2019-20
    Are you ready to serve as a hall tutor and non-local mentor to the students of the Undergraduate Halls and make a difference in your university life? The Hall Tutor (HT) and Non-Local Mentor (NLM) 2019-20 is open for application!

    Application deadline: 22 February 2019 (Friday), 5pm
    All UG and RPG students are welcomed to join us.
    Application Period
    14 Jan - 22 Feb 2019
    Application Deadline
    22 Feb 2019, 5pm
Past Events

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