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  • Green Living

    [UG] Green Quester: Kowloon Park Quest

    25 SEP 2021
    [UG] Green Quester: Kowloon Park Quest

    Do you think Hong Kong is a concrete forest?  Actually, many places in Hong Kong are country parks and nature reserve. Join the Green Quest trail to explore Hong Kong's urban nature from a new perspective through playing mini-games and meeting new. A chance to raise your awareness about Sustainability! All participants will receive a special souvenir!

    3:00pm - 5:00pm
    Kowloon Park
    Application Deadline
    20 SEP 2021
  • Green Living

    [UG] Green Quest: Local Project Internship 2020-21

    [UG] Green Quest: Local Project Internship 2020-21

    When you draw “the Earth”… probably you will draw a circle with masses of green lands and blue oceans. But when you look out from the windows 30 years later, will it be the same?

    In collaboration with World Wild Fund- Hong Kong (WWF-HK), the Undergraduate Halls (UGH) is recruiting Green Questers who are devoted to promoting green and sustainability in the Halls and in Hong Kong. Workshops on sustainability and project management will be provided before a student-initiated project internship supervised by WWF-HK and UGH. Under the internship, students will work in small teams to brainstorm and implement green projects at their own choice.

    Jan 2021 - Apr 2021
    The Green Foundation
    Local Project Internship (February to April 2021)