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[UG] PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme (Phase 1)

Community Engagement
[UG] PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme  (Phase 1)
07 OCT 2022 | 15 APR 2023
Venue (Stage 1–3)
Studio Battalion, Sheung Wan
Venue (Stage 4)
23 Sep 2022
Community Service Hours Scheme
Recognised by the Undergraduate Halls - Community Service Hours Scheme

PUNCH for Your Health – Thai-boxing Training and Service Programme  (Phase 1)

Being mindful of and taking actions to improve one’s physical and mental health is crucial especially during the post-pandemic recovery.

In PUNCH for Your Health, students will learn the sports and strengthen oneself, then carry forward the positivity by providing training to some underprivileged teenagers in the community. After the training, with a bond built up between the students and the teenagers, the teenagers will be invited to visit HKBU campus for a personal development workshop, to be delivered by the students.

(1 boxing session/ week)


Stage 1 Entry level Thai-boxing @ 8 sessions  

Group 1: (Friday)
7 Oct – 25 Nov 2022
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm  
Group 2: (Sunday)
9 Oct – 27 Nov 2022
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Selection interview may be included
Stage 2 Intermediate level Thai-boxing @ 8 sessions 

6 Jan 2023 – 24 Feb 2023, 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm   
For students with good performance from Stage 1, the studio will perform on-going assessment on students’ performance
Stage 3 Entry level Thai-boxing training for 10 underprivileged teenagers @ 4 sessions

(Saturday/ Sunday)
4 Mar – 26 Mar 2023
Students selected to Stage 2 will act as main coach, while students from Stage 1 will be assistant coach
Stage 4 - Workshop on personal development prepared by volunteers

15 Apr 2023
Students from Stage 1 will work in teams to deliver the workshop

Refundable Deposit:  HK$500 (Students must attend the full programme from Stage 1– 4 OR on Stage 1, 3 & 4  for those not being selected to Stage 2)
Recognition:  On successful completion, participants will receive 1) a full refund, 2) a certificate and 3) CCL Eligibility:  Open to all UGC-funded degree seeking Undergraduate students, with priority to Halls residents
Venue:  Studio Battalion, Sheung Wan (Stage 13) and HKBU (Stage 4)
Application Deadline:  23 Sep 2022 (Selection interview may be included)
Selection Interview:  28 - 29 Sep 2022

1) Please note that you must attend the class according to the time assigned, and that you cannot change the class time as there is a quota for each class. 
2) Classes may be suspended or canceled subject to the Government's social distancing policy. Please check email for updates.
3) Applicants will receive an email containing payment details to complete the application procedure. Only applicants made the payment on time and receive the confirmation from Hall Life Team would be considered a successful enrollment.
4) Students will be required to prepare a pair of boxing hand wrap, or you may purchase it from the Studio on the first class at $120/pair. Students could prepare a pair of boxing gloves or rent it from the Studio.
5) Students will be required to dress in sportswear and bring a bottle of water. 

Related Key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

SDG: Good Health and Well-being SDG: Reduced Inequalities SDG: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG: Partnerships For the goals