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[UG] Let Art Heals You: DIY Fluid Art Workshop

Whole Person Development
[UG] Let Art Heals You: DIY Fluid Art Workshop
26 OCT 2022 | 28 OCT 2022
7 pm - 9 pm
Room G9, Undergraduate Halls
19 Oct 2022 (Wed) or 21Oct 2022 (Fri)

Feeling stressed due to the approaching deadlines and exams ? 

Why not take a deep breath and release your stress through art making? 

In this workshop, you can experience calm, joy and mindfulness through designing a unique art pieces with Fluid Art Paint. No drawing experience is needed! 

Let's heal together and design your own Fluid Art Pieces! 

Limited Quota Only ! Don't hesitate to join the workshop with your friends.


Details Below:

Date: 26/10/2022 (Wed) [ English Ver. ] or 28/10/2022 (Fri) [ Cantonese Ver. ] 

Time: 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m.

Venue: G9 

Application link :

Quota : 25 (All UGC-funded UG students are welcome, with priority to hall residents)

Workshop Fee : HKD35

Application Deadline: 19/10/2022 (Wed) [ English Ver. ] or 21/10/2022 (Fri) [ Cantonese Ver. ]

 ** Successful applicants will receive a confirmation mail with payment code within 1-2days after application deadline.



Related Key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

SDG: Good Health and Well-Being