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[UG] Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊

Social & Team Building
30 DEC 2020 - 06 JAN 2021

NOTE:  Information of the programme in 2021-22 will be available soon.

Virtual Glocal Culture Orienteering「義地連線」文化定向遊
Co-organised by HKBU Undergraduate Halls and VolTra.

Would you like to “travel” to different countries and explore unknown cultures?
Here is a chance to meet youths from Spain, Czech Republic, Kenya, South Sudan, Japan, Egypt, Mexico and Indonesia in 1 week and team-up to complete cultural exploration challenges! The best way to see the world under the pandemic and be connected to the global community through participating in fun online games with new friends.
Join us to explore the unique culture and campus life of different countries in this winter semester break!  Open to all HKBU UG students, priority to Halls residents.

Programme Design and Schedule:
1) Intercultural Kick-off Session (30 December 2020)
2) Glocal Orienteering (30 December 2020 - 6 January 2021)
3) Virtual Intercultural Festival (6 January 2021)

Fee:  HK$ 800 (HK$ 600 will be refunded and a certificate will be provided on successful completion of the programme)
*Students currently not in Hong Kong can contact us on the payment method.
Application Deadline:  10 December 2020, 10:00 am
Online Selection Interview:  10-11 December 2020

Registration HERE

Enquiries: or 3411 2672

Online Platform
Application Deadline
10 Dec 2020, 10:00 am (Thursday)
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