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[UG] Community Engagement Organisers - Elderly Care Programme 2019-20

Community Engagement
10 AUG 2019 - 30 APR 2020


Have you ever thought of serving the elderly in need in the neighboring community with the talents and gifts you have? In Hong Kong today, more than 120,000 elderly who are aged 65 or above live alone and many of them are socially inactive due to multiple reasons including physical and mental health conditions. Here in HKBU, we have a burden to serve the community and we would like to partner with you all in making a difference.

Through the Community Engagement Organisers Programme (CEOs) setup by the Undergraduate Halls, we have been conducting service programmes in visiting these elderly in our neighboring community, Lok Fu & Wong Tai Sin, as well as conducting various outing activities in the past semester to engage the elderly.

We are now recruiting volunteers and all Undergraduate students are welcome to join. Partner with us to make a difference! The registration form can be found in HERE. Please complete the form by 3pm, 11 Septemeber 2019 (Wednesday).

This is a Co-curricular Learning (CCL) recognized event. Participants with satisfactory attendance and performance will be counted towards their CCL attendance requirement.


11 Sep 2019

Application Deadline

11 - 13 Sep 2019


Sep 2019 - Apr 2020

  • Workshop on Cantonese Speaking for Elderly Care Service (20 Sep, 27 Sep, 4 Oct) <CCL>
  • Regular Home Visits (first visit on 21Sep)
  • Outings
  • 2-days Travel (a weekend in early Nov)

Oct 2019

  • Workshop on Elderly Simulation (15 Oct) <CCL>
  • Training of volunteers in the area of elderly service skills, communication skills as well as programme planning and management
  • Sharing from experts in the area of elderly work and other related expertise

For enquiries, please meet the Hall Life Team at S1902 in the Undergraduate Halls or write to

Aug 2019 - Apr 2020
Application Deadline
11 September 2019 (Wednesday)
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