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[UG] A Latin America To Be Told And Spoken 2022-23

Whole Person Development
21 SEP - 26 OCT 2022

This CCL-recognised course is designed to teach beginner level’s Spanish with a series of interactive activities. Students will be able to get a taste of Latin America’s language and cultural richness through 5 distinctively themed sessions covering travel, dance, handicrafts, music, and food & drinks.

Session 1 (Travel) - 21 Sep 
Colombia is notorious for drug dealers in what we have seen in numerous movies and documentaries, are they showing the real Colombia? Travel writer Winky Yeung who travelled to Colombia will share her own experience.
Venue:  G9, Undergraduate Hall
Time:  7 pm - 9 pm

Session 2 (Dance) - 28 Sep
Experience the essence of Tango: connections and non-verbal communication between partners. We will also use Tango as a tool to look into the immigration history and the social traditions in South America.
Venue:  G9, Undergraduate Hall
Time:  7 pm - 9 pm

Session 3 (Food and Drinks) - 5 Oct  
Learn about the national dishes and drinks in some Latin American countries, how their cuisines got influence from Native American, African, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, even Chinese and Japanese.
Venue:  Online via ZOOM
Time:  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Session 4 (Music) - 19 Oct 
Explore the evolution of Latin music, from the pre-Columbian civilizations, to the colonial and slavery period, and lastly to the present day’s “Latin invasion” to the US music industry.
Venue:  Online via ZOOM
Time:  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Session 5 (Handicrafts) - 26 Oct
Discover the history and culture behind Latin American’ handicrafts, and their relation to the pre-Columbian civilizations.
Venue:  Online via ZOOM
Time:  7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

DETAILS Medium of instruction:  English and Spanish Host:  Chicaca Culture - a group formed by 4 enthusiasts who are dedicated to promoting Spanish and Latin American culture in Hong Kong. They have recently produced an RTHK radio programme, which explores the stories of Hong Kong-based Latinos, as well as a 3-day Latin American Cultural Festival and a 2-week Day of the Dead Festival in Hong Kong.
Application Deadline:  ONE WEEK PRIOR TO EACH SESSION  Eligibility:  Undergraduates from UGC-funded programme (priority to Halls Residents)​

<You may enroll into one or more of the sessions, but you are highly recommended to join all sessions for a full engagement and exposure to the topic.>

-  Workshop arrangements may change subject to COVID development.  -  Photos and/or videos might be taken during the activity and appear in the university's publicity materials. Your consent to this is assumed upon receiving your application. Otherwise please contact us. -  Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email one day after the application deadline (e.g. 15 Sep 2022 for Session 1 - Travel).


Related Key Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

SDG: Reduced Inequalities SDG: Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG: Partnerships For the goals
7pm - 9pm / 7:30pm - 9:30pm
G9, Undergraduate Halls / Online via Zoom
One week prior to each session
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