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    EDPS Innovation Scholarship Program 2023-24 (Deadline: 30 April 2024)

    29 DEC 2023 - 30 APR 2024
    EDPS Innovation Scholarship Program 2023-24 (Deadline: 30 April 2024)

    The EDPS Innovation Scholarship Program is open for application now. A total of 80 scholarships will be offered in the next 4 academic years (AY2023-AY2027; 20 scholarships for each year) to undergraduate students in their last year of college with a major in IT/Computer Science to recognize their academic accomplishments.


    Applicants shall include innovative projects using emerging technologies in the following areas:

    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Blockchain, FinTech & Web3
    • Cyber Security
    • Digital Infrastructure and Digital Transformation
    • Metaverse & Extended Reality (AR, VR & MR)


    Applicants who are a full-time student and enrolled in one of the universities in Hong Kong can be considered for the Individual Scholarships and the Group Scholarships, which the Individual Scholarships will be HKD$20,000 and the Group Scholarships will be HKD$30,000.


    The scholarship is now open for application, please click here for more details.


    *This scholarship is offered/awarded by an external party. SFA is only responsible for promoting it, but not involved in the selection process. For any queries, please contact Ms. Vian Ho on