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Inviting tertiary students to participate Social Innovation in Motion (SIiM) organized by The Community Chest of Hong Kong

11 OCT - 31 DEC 2018

We are pleased to announce that The Social Innovation in Motion (SIiM) Idea Competition, organised by the Community Chest of Hong Kong, supported by the Sino Group has been launched officially. It is opened to all tertiary school students. Students are encouraged to come up with either fund-raising plans for the Chest or innovative new service ideas for our member agencies. SIiM runs from now till March 2019 with a finalist presentation to conclude. It is designed to offer more than just prizes. It includes a strong mentoring component and also internship opportunities. Please visit for details.

To provide a better picture of what SIiM is, we have organized a Forum on 27 October 2018. Students will meet face-to-face with the participating organisations to gauge information for their proposals. It is highly recommended that they attend it.