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Internship Opportunity and Student Ambassador Program at the IMOC

10 DEC 2020 - 15 JAN 2021

Greetings from the International Maths Olympiad Challenge team!

At the outset, let us introduce ourselves. We are among the largest International Maths Olympiad bodies in the world and we have an ongoing legacy for 24 years.  We have catered to more than 2 million students in the past and this year, with the assistance of partners like Deloitte, we are all set to hit 3 million students. We are based in Florida with key stakeholders all across the world. Our CEO, who is also an Assistant Dean at Harvard, would like to take this opportunity to invite your students to participate in a Student Ambassador program.

To begin with, we are shortlisting smart students from Hong Kong Baptist University who can intern with us (online) this Jan-Feb. This is of course a paid internship which will last for 6 weeks (30 working days). The remuneration is bespoke but to give some perspective, the average amount earned by a student last year was USD 848 in the 6 weeks window. There are no specific timings during this internship and the students are expected to work online after college hours only. We do not expect students to work during the exam periods.

The second aspect of this internship is an all-expense-paid trip to our campus in Florida. Candidates who excel in this internship will be nominated as a brand ambassador representing Hong Kong Baptist University at a fully sponsored 10-day conclave in Florida. This conclave will focus on promoting Maths in Hong Kong.  Of course, more details would be shared well before the conclave. Due to the pandemic and the consequent travel restrictions, we haven’t frozen the dates of the conclave yet, but we expect it to be conducted in the second half of next year with the selections to begin in Jan 2021.

We are committed to keeping you in the loop at every point of the selection process.

All the details regarding the internship and the Student Ambassador Program will be explained to the students during a webinar which will be conducted later this month. The interested students can then sign up with us after the webinar.

Eligibility – To participate, the student should be a current bonafide student pursuing under-graduation or post-Graduation from Hong Kong Baptist University. Ex-students/alumni cannot be invited to this internship.

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