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HKBU receives HK$4 million to set up scholarship

22 - 23 DEC 2016

HKBU received a generous donation of HK$4 million from Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited for the establishment of the Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited Scholarship to encourage students who have excellent achievements in academic studies and social services. The University held a cheque presentation ceremony today (28 October) officiated by the Chairman, Executive Director and CEO of Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited, Mr Hung Kwong-yee, Mrs Hung and HKBU President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Roland Chin. 

Guests in attendance included SML Group Chairman Dr Simon Suen and Director Mrs Mary Suen; Chairman of Sun Tin Lun Holdings Limited Mr Lam Cheung-chuen; Managing Director of Victory Concept Electronics Ltd Ms Jenny Wong; Chairman of Hong Kong Shine Tak Foundation Mrs Christy Tung; President of the Lions Club of Tuen Mun Ms Pienna Ip; HKBU Vice-President (Research and Development) Professor Rick Wong; and Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) Dr Albert Chau.

SWT 702, 7/F, Shaw Tower
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10 FEB 2016
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