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EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge

16 APR - 15 JUN 2021

EYHK – 2021 Better Working World Data Challenge                - Poster                   - Flyer

Who is eligible?
• Students who are studying in any university located in Hong Kong and will graduate between 2022-2023.
• The Competition is open to all majors, including but not limited to, Accounting, Business, Commerce, Computer, Engineering, Technology, Science, Mathematics etc.

Cash Awards for Location Winners (per Group):
• Classification Challenge: 1st Prize HK$6,000; 2nd Prize HK$3,000
• Prediction Challenge: 1st Prize HK$10,000 + 4 weeks internship/conditional offer; 2nd Prize HK$5,000

Application deadline: 15 June 2021