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Beat the virus, BU & I

Social Services

【Beat the virus, BU & I】

On 29th February 2020, LQC staff and two students (HO Pui Lam Nicola, English Language and Literature, Year 4 and Yeung Kwan Nok Justin, English Language and Literature, Year 4 ) helped to deliver 200 bottles of hand sanitiser manufactured by the Department of Chemistry to St. James Settlement for their distribution to their service targets, including the elderly people with chronic illnesses and special meals needed.

deliver hand sanitiser to st james

Ms. Glareen Wong, manager of St. James food bank introduced the services of their centre and also the situation of the poor elderly in Hong Kong. It is learned that elderlies are the main service users of St. James’ Settlement, Jockey Club Hot Meal Service, which is a self-financed unit. Also, she said that the poverty rate in Kwun Tong district is the highest in Hong Kong due to the aging problem. During times of hardship, they really need support from society.

Two more students (LO Ka Wing Catherine , Counselling, Master Year 1 and CHAN Yuen Ting Tina, BBA Accounting, Year 4), together with the LQC staff, were helping to send meals and hand sanitisers directly to the living places of the elderly people and taught them how to use it on 2nd March. The elderly appreciated it so much and expressed their thankfulness.

Talking with the elderly, we learnt that many of them only stay home to avoid infection of the disease during this period of time. Therefore they were very delighted to see university students to visit them and give them the materials.

deliver hand sanitiser to elderlydeliver hand sanitiser to elderly2

"You help me in my hour of need! Thank you! (多謝你們雪中送炭!)" One of the elderly said.

Shortage of mask annoys the elderly a lot. They could only stay at home to prevent infection from the disease. Hope everyone could care for the elderly around you, even a short chat could bring them happiness!

Feelings from students

LO Ka Wing Catherine (Master of Social Sciences in Counselling, Year 1)

This was the first time I sent meals and hand sanitisers to elderly people in HK. The reason for St. James Settlement to provide this service was very inspiring. It reminds me of the people who are in the interim of waiting for government support. I would think more about how to serve them after doing this service.

CHAN Yuen Ting Tina (BBA Accounting, Year 4)

It was fascinating to visit the St. James Settlement Jockey Club Hot Meal Service yesterday. I knew more about the special needs of the elderly in Kwun Tong district and the services provided by the organization. Moreover, it has been a long time for me to visit the elderly. Although I could only have a small chat with them, I hope they can feel the care from society and stay healthy!

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