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[UG] Change of Electronic Payment System

27 JUL - 21 DEC 2018
Change of Electronic Payment System

With effect from Summer 2018, Octopus Card Payment System will be adopted as the only electronic payment system in the Undergraduate Halls for operating in-room air conditioners and laundry machines. The change was made based on the wide acceptance of Octopus Card as user-friendly contactless payment tool all over Hong Kong. The Octopus card is a stored-value card accepted by almost all public transportation systems, most fast-food outlets, convenience stores, supermarkets and vending machines in Hong Kong.

Residents shall prepare their own Octopus Cards with positive value in order to operate the air conditioners and laundry machines in the Halls. Octopus cards can be purchased in MTR Customer Service Centres or convenience stores.

Touch screen payment kiosks are located outside the lounge of each floor and inside each laundry room for topping up the balance of air conditioners and laundry machines respectively. The charge rate is summarized as follows:



In-room air conditioner

$1 per hour


$5.3 per cycle


$1.1 per 10 minutes


$1.1 per cycle

Should you have any question on using the new electronic payment system, please contact us at 3411 2600 or by email

Thank you for your attention.
Undergraduate Halls
Office of Student Affairs