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The following Frequently Asked Questions may help you to have a fundamental understanding about the application details, daily life and essential points of importance of Student Residences at HKBU. We appreciate any further enquiries about our Student Accommodation Section.

PG Housing Application

Eligible applicants are required to submit online application form and submit together with a copty of admission letter issued by Grauduate School (for new students) or HKBU student ID card (for current students) via online application system for processing of the application.
Successful applicants will be notified via email and required to settle the payment of required fees by a specified deadline. The proof of payment settlement has to be submitted to NTTIH by either email or in person in 7 days upon receiving notice of successful application. Proof of payment settlement includes:
  •   Bank slip for payment settled by overseas remittance or local bank-in
  •   Online bank transfer 

Failure to pay the required fees within the specified time period will imply forfeiture of the bed space offer.


Designated accommodation packages of NTTIH are offered according to respective students. Students could opt for one-semester residence or monthly accommodation package due to exchange programme. Students who accept the offer of student residence shall commit to staying at the designated bed space during the whole committed accommodation period.

For whatever reasons, if a student withdraws his / her residence in the middle of the package, the balance of accommodation fee and caution money will be neither refundable nor transferable.


You may name 1 to 2 roommates at time of application. You and your chosen roommate(s) shall be of the same gender.

Every application for student residence is assessed independently. If you and your preferred roommate are both successful in the applications, you both may be grouped together to share the room. However, supply of bed spaces is limited, the University does not guarantee that an applicant will be roomed together with his / her preferred roommate.


According to the University's Admission Criteria, UGC-funded full-time non-local Research Postgraduate Students and Exchange Postgraduate Students have higher priorities in allocating on-campus accommodation at Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House ("NTTIH") in the first year of study or exchange period. There is no guarantee that University accommodation will be provided starting from the second year of their studies.

Second priority will be given to full-time non-local Undergraduate Students who will be in second year of their studies. Eligible full-time non-local Undergraduate Students who want to apply for NTTIH are required to put forth their applications via online application system on or before the specified deadline.

The remaining bed spaces will be allocated to full-time non-local Taught Postgraduate Students who will be allocated in NTTIH in the first year of study if needed. Yet, priorities will be given to those whose study programs are UGC-funded. All applications shall be processed on a first-come-first-served basis and governed by Housing Policy of the University.