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Hall Fees paid are not refundable (except Caution Money) and transferrable. Failure to pay the Hall Fees on time or use proper payment method will result in recovery of Hall offer. 


Details of Student Accommodation Fees for Residential Year 2024/25 are as follows: 

Undergraduate Halls
Student Type
2-person room in a
4-person unit
2-person room in a
5-person unit
3-person room in a
5-person unit
Local Returning Students HK$16,973.9 HK$16,140 HK$12,239.5
Non-local Returning Students HK$21,277.9 HK$20,148.1 HK$15,333

Non-local Freshmen

HK$22,068.9 HK$20,897.1 HK$15,903
Exchange Students HK$21,278 HK$20,148  
Local Freshmen HK$16,847.7 HK$16,020 HK$12,148.5


Village CARE
Student Type
2-person room in a
4-person unit
 Local Returning Students


Non-local Returning Students 
Non-local Freshmen HK$28,681.2
Exchange Students HK$27,653.2
Local Freshmen HK$21,920.7

In addition to Lodging Fee, the following miscellaneous fees will also be collected.

Caution Money ($1,000)*
It is a deposit against any loss/damage of hall properties or early termination of residence. Caution Money is refundable to residents only after completion of the committed residential period, less any restitution charges for damage or loss of properties and keys.

However, if a resident withdraws the hall residence before the last day of class of semesters or during semester break, a $100 administrative fee will be deducted from the Caution Money.

Caution Money is normally refunded to your Hong Kong bank account as you provided in the BUniPort within 3 months after check-out. You are responsible to ensure the bank account information is correct. To update your bank account information, please click HERE. Failure to do so by the stated deadline will result in forfeiture of Caution Money. 

* The Hall Deposit of $1,000 paid by Local Freshmen Applicants who have been successfully offered a hall place will be converted to one’s Caution Money for their period of residence. 

Orientation Fee ($300)
For freshmen and returning students, except exchange students, who have not resided in the Halls before, an Orientation Fee of $300 will also be collected.

Hall Fees, except the Caution Money, are not refundable or transferable once a Hall place is confirmed.

Summer Hall residents should pay $80 per night during their offered summer hall plans.

Hall Fees must be paid in FULL and are non-refundable.

Returning Students, Non-local Freshmen and Exchange Students

Hall Fees are collected in 2 installments (First Semester and Second Semester). Debit notes will be posted to the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) and students should view their payment details at BUniPort > My Finance. Payment methods accepted by the University are available HERE.

Local Freshmen

After submission of hall application, a debit note will be posted to the Hall Application page. (i.e. BUniPort > U-Life > Hall Residence). Please read the debit note and follow the payment instruction to settle the hall fee payment before the payment due date. Payment methods accepted by the University are available HERE.

Important Note

Successful hall applicants must keep the payment records and be able to present it upon request before your payment is reflected in the BUniPort. Application of Hall Residence with late payment without prior approval from the Undergraduate Halls will be cancelled automatically and such late payment will also be forfeited. If late payment is accepted, a $300 penalty (w.e.f. 1 July 2017) will be levied on students.

Deferred payment of Hall Fees are not acceptable. If you are in an extreme situation where you are not able to pay the Hall Fees on time, please write to us in full details for special consideration.

Reasons such as Grant/Loan or other subsidies not released yet, overlook of payment due date or the student was not in Hong Kong etc. are not accepted.