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The G4 Service Counter is located at Room G4, G/F of South Tower. It handles most of the operations and enquiries of the Undergraduate Halls. The G4 Service Counter is responsible for providing good and quality residence services, guidance and support in the Halls to maintain a safe, pleasant and harmonious environment.

The major duties are:

  • Resident check-in and check-out
  • Facilities and amenities reservation and their management
  • Handle parcels and large-size mails for residents #
  • Routine and special cleaning of Hall premises
  • Issue of Door Key Card and Student Card activation
  • Handle urgent defects and minor repairs
  • Lost and found
  • General enquiry

# Ordinary mails will be sent to the mailbox on the G/F. The following parcels or deliveries will not be handled, the Hall Office will email residents for collection of their parcels or deliveries:

  1. items without accurate and complete information,
  2. items that require signature/payment,
  3. items of any side longer than 60cm
  4. perishable food e.g. frozen food
  5. any items that hinder the operation of the Hall Office

Please note that items uncollected for 7 calendar days will be returned to sender accordingly. If you are not able to collect the items, you may email to authorize another HKBU student to collect it on your behalf.

Office Hours 
Mondays – Fridays :
9am – 6pm
(1 – 2pm Meal Break)
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays :


On campus, there are various catering outlets offering a wide range of local delicacies, Asian cuisines, Western food, Halal food, coffee, pastries and vegetarian food, where you can enjoy with your friends at a reasonable price. For details, please refer to here. The closest one is BU Fiesta, which is located on the Ground Level of the Undergraduate Halls.

Near the Kowloon Tong campus, you may want to explore other dining options, especially those inside the nearby malls.
Festival Walk
Lok Fu Plaza
Kowloon City Plaza

Public hygiene is always our first and foremost concern in the Undergraduate Halls. We have a professional and helpful Cleaning Team to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene every day.

General cleaning is carried out in all communal areas daily while washrooms of student bedrooms cleaned once a week. Pest control for communal areas and student bedrooms will also be conducted on a regular and need basis. A washroom cleaning schedule is posted on each floor. If there are any questions relating to cleaning, please report to us through the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) [U-Life > Hall Residence].

Residents Responsibilities
Residents are responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene of their rooms. Cleaning utensils are available outside the Floor Lounge on each floor. Rubbish bags are provided for each Unit every month and can be collected in the Security Counter. Residents should put all rubbish in rubbish bag, tie it up properly and dispose of it in the trash chute on each floor or in the rubbish bin in the Lounges for rubbish of larger size.

If you bring in any cutleries and Food trays from the BU Fiesta, you must return them to the BU Fiesta immediately after your meal. Leftover food in the bedroom or in the Lounge will cause serious hygiene problems.

Security counterStudents’ safety and security is of our utmost concern in the Undergraduate Halls. Security service is provided in Hall premises round the clock. The two security counters are located on the G/F of both South and North Towers. For urgent matters after office hours, please contact the Security Counters at:

(852) 3411 2665         (South Tower)
(852) 3411 2664         (North Tower)

Residents who forgot to bring their room keys but wish to open the room door may approach the Security Counter located at South Tower for assistance. A door opening fee of $20 will be charged per request.

Residents Responsibilities
Residents who invite visitors to the Halls must register IN PERSON with the visitors at the Security Counter and accompany them during their stay in the Halls. Residents shall not invite visitors to areas on or above 1/F of the Halls outside the visitation hours between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m., except for students who have successfully applied for and obtained a Guest Pass.

Valuable items and personal belongings such as cash, passport and important documents should be securely locked up. Room doors should be closed when nobody is in the room.

Residents who found any defects in the bedrooms or communal areas should report it in the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) [U-Life > Hall Residence]. The Estates Office will repair the defects according to the level of urgency.

Regular maintenance of Hall premises are conducted from time to time to ensure timely building upkeep. Improvement works will be carried out during Winter break and Summer Period normally while the inconvenience to residents is the minimal.