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Please read the General Information carefully and thoroughly before you submit your hall application. 
According to the prevailing University Housing Policy, Full-time exchange undergraduate students will be accommodated in on-campus accommodation during their exchange studies.
Students must possess a student status of “Normal Study” as defined by the Academic Registry during the stay in the Student Halls. You may check your student status in BUniPort > Profile > Personal Particulars & Study Record. Students who cease to be classified as “Normal Study” (e.g. taking an internship or suspension of study) will no longer be eligible for student accommodation and will be required to check out of the hall.

Successful hall applicants are to be offered hall places according to their exchange period.

Exchange Periods

Residential Periods
(both nights inclusive)

Spring Semester 2023

4 Jan to 16 May 2024

(check out by 12 noon/3:00pm on 17 May 2024)

Exchange students who consider applying for exchange study in the Hong Kong Baptist University should take into account the residential period when planning their flight schedule. If you plan to arrive to Hong Kong earlier than the first residence day or continue to stay in Hong Kong after the check-out day, you should plan for your own accommodation in advance. Requests for early check-in or late check-out will NOT be considered.



Exchange Period

Spring Semester Exchange

Application Period

22, 12 noon - 29 Nov 2023 (Hong Kong Time)

Late application will NOT be accepted!

Eligible students should submit hall applications HERE. Change of hall application information is allowed before the application deadline.

An acknowledgement email will be sent to you shortly after you have successfully submitted or edited the hall application. If you do not receive the acknowledgment email, please contact the Undergraduate Halls as soon as possible. 


Hall application result including Hall allocation and room type assignment will be announced via email notification in

Mid-December 2023 for Spring Semester exchange students

Room assignment results will be announced upon check-in.

Hall Fees for students with 2023/24 Spring Semester are NOT transferrable or refundable.

Lodging Fees for 2023/24 Spring Semester are listed below for reference:


Room Type


Exchange Students

Spring Semester 

2-person room in a 4-person unit


2-person room in a 5-person unit


* In addition to lodging fees, all residents need to pay Caution Money ($1,000). For details, click here.

Payment Period:
(Spring Semester 2024)

5 - 29 Jan 2024

Deferred payment of Hall Fees is not acceptable. Subject to special prior approval, a penalty of $300 will be levied on students who pay the Hall Fees after deadline.

Payment Method

A Hall Fee debit note will be posted in the BUniPort. Please make sure you have input:

1. Bill type, and
2. Debit note number

during your payment process. Direct transfer of money to University bank account is NOT considered as successful payment. Please click HERE for detailed payment methods. You should keep good custody of the payment record and be able to present it upon request.

All personal data collected and retained will be used for processing applications, statistical analysis, management of hall residence including the enforcement of all its related rules, promotion of activities and notifications, contacting Hall residents and their parents/guardian in case of emergency and such other purposes permissible under the Privacy Policy Statement and Personal Information Collection Statement of the University. Please click HERE for details. You have the right to access to or correct your personal data kept by the University by logging into the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) and contacting the relevant Departmental Personal Data Privacy Manager.