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It is advisable to find private rental housing in the vicinity of the University or in districts close to public transportation routes such as MTR stations or bus stops. Examples of such districts are Kowloon CityLok Fu and Shatin.

Private rental housing can be hired directly from a landlord or through a property agent. The introductory commissions could be saved if a student rents the flat directly from the landlord. However, a half-month rental is commonly required when renting through a property agent as a commission.

Students are advised to read carefully the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement before signing. In general, a fixed period of leasing, normally one year, is required. The flow chart shown below can facilitate students' understanding of the standard rental procedures in Hong Kong.:

flow chat

If you are going to rent a flat/room through property agency, you should read the following for a better understanding about:

As long as the Landlord and Tenant (Consolidation) Ordinance is not contravened, both parties of landlord and tenant are generally free to agree on the terms of the tenancy. Besides the rights and obligations listed on the agreement, there are some implied terms that landlord and tenant must comply with. For more details, please refer to the Contents of Tenancy Agreement and Appendix Common Provisions published by Estate Agents Authority.

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