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Steps of Renting Private Housing


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1. Search of Private Housing

In the search of private housing, students are advised to consider the following questions to evaluate their needs and ability before renting a flat:
  1. What type of property I prefer most? A single-blocked residential or a large private apartment?
  2. Is it a single or flat to be shared with others?
  3. How much can I afford for renting a flat?
  4. How long will the rental period be?
  5. Apart from the utility charges such as water, electricity and gas fee, what other expenses that I should be responsible for?
  6. What kind(s) of furniture / electrical appliances is/are provided in the flat?
  7. How is the infrastructure / transportation network around?
  8. How long does it take me traveling from the building to the University campus? How much does it cost?
  9. Has the flat been mortgaged? Whether the bank has agreed the flat being rented out?

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2. Looking For Property Agencies

Major Real Estate Agents
Midland Realty
Century 21 Hong Kong Limited
Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) Limited

3. House Visit and Checking

When the property agent suggests some rental properties for house visit, besides the location, transportation factors, you should pay attention to the following points while consideration:
  1. Visit with family or friends for more opinions;
  2. Visits should be held in day-time to have clear picture about the flat;
  3. Before visiting the rental property, a tenant has to sign a document called "Estate Agency Agreement for Leasing of Residential Properties in Hong Kong" which is about the responsibility between tenant and agent;
  4. During the visit, pay attention to the internal structure of the flat and the whole building. Here are some useful hints when checking the internal structure:

Here are several advices when coming to house visit:

  • Check if there is any tiles peeling off from external wall of the building;
  • Check if there is any security guard stationing at the main entrance and any fire-precautionary facilities installed;
  • Check whether the common area of the building is clean and tidy;
  • Check the layout of the flat;
  • Examine the condition of the provided furniture and / or electrical appliances;
  • Check if there is any seepage problem at kitchen and bathroom;
  • Examine the ventilation of the flat.
If you are satisfied with the flat, check with the agent / landlord what kind of furniture is included, and other than the rental charges what kinds of expenses that you, as the tenant, should be responsible for. With the consent from the landlord, you are advised to take some photos of the flat for reference and record.

4. Notes on Signing Tenancy Agreement

You are strongly advised to read the "Tenancy Guide for Non-local Students in Hong Kong" published by the Estate Agents Authority. Tenant may go to the corner of “Frequently Asked Questions” (such as renewal or termination of agreement) for more suggested information.


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