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The following Frequently Asked Questions may help you to have a fundamental understanding about the application details, daily life and essential points of importance of Student Residences at HKBU. We appreciate any further enquiries about our Student Accommodation Section.

Living in Postgraduate Hostels


Electrical appliances for personal use including laptops, printers, shavers, hair-dryers and electric irons can be used in a proper manner in the rooms. A resident shall be held responsible for damages to room facilities due to the misuse of the resident's own electrical appliances.  A resident shall apply for approval should he / she want to use additional appliances inside the room.

The University reserves the authority to reject an applicant, or charge him / her for use of additional appliances without prior approval.


Residents can obtain the Proof of Residence at G/F reception after check-in.


Cooking is NOT allowed in NTTIH. Students can make use of the facilities in 5/F common room such as oven and micro-wave oven to re-heat their food.


Size of Beds

 Types of Beddings Provided


  • Double room: 3.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet long

  • Single room: 4.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet long

Basic beddings including pillow, pillow case and bed sheet 


Yes. LAN cable is available on the writing desk for residents' connection to the internet.  Office of Information Technology (ITO) also provides free Wifi coverage in NTTIH. 

For connection of wired and wireless internet, please refer to the below guidelines provided by ITO (HERE).


Upon reaching consensus, two residents have to submit applications for swapping of bed spaces to the office at (NTTIH).

Once approved, the residents concerned each have to pay an administrative fee of HK$100.


Basic room cleaning is provided regularly. Nevertheless, all residents have the responsibility to keep their rooms clean and tidy. 


A resident can change his / her bed space with his / her roommate free-of-charge for the first time. Application for changing of bed space is required and must be addressed to the office at (NTTIH).


Washers and dryers are available in the 5/F Common Room.