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Overview of Undergraduate Halls



Student Residence Halls

The Undergraduate Hall

Residential education forms an integral part of the University's holistic approach to higher education. The University aims at cultivating a "living-learning" environment in the Halls where residents will enjoy a "home away from home" environment and benefit from the many learning opportunities for acquiring life skills, facilitating intellectual achievement, experiencing multi-cultural exchanges, and getting involved in the many-faceted campus life programmes.

Commissioned in March 2002, the Undergraduate Halls provide a total of 1,770 residences for full-time students of the University at this point. The facility is under the care and management by the Office of Student Affairs.

The Hall Administration intends to provide a well-maintained, secure, clean and comfortable physical environment in the Halls, which is conducive to the learning and whole-person development of students. It is also responsible for the preparation of annual budgets; general financial management; provision of secretarial support to various committees; property and facility repairs, maintenance and management; ongoing improvement of the amenities; administration of hall applications and attritions; collection of hall fees and various charges; as well as the provision of general administrative support to the operation.

The Hall Life Education Team provides hall life education through a wide range of well-structured learning programmes and activities with different focuses.