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Paid fees (except Caution Money) are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Failure to pay the fees on time or using improper payment method will result in forfeiture of the bed space offer.



A. Fees

1. Accommodation Fee 

The accommodation fees of Dr. Ng Tor Tai International House ("NTTIH") for 2024-25 are shown below:

Student Category
Accommodation Package 
Accommodation Fee (HK$) 
Double Room
Single Room

Full-time non-local undergraduate students 

Full-time non-local exchange postgraduate students

Full-time non-local taught postgraduate students

10-month Package
(26/8/2024 - 24/6/2025)
*Both dates inclusive
Full-time non-local research postgraduate students
1-year Package
(22/8/2024 - 21/8/2025)
*Both dates inclusive
i.  Accommodation fees include Internet service, water and electricity charges.
ii. Monthly and daily rates shall be applied only when a student is approved for bed space at NTTIH under the following circumstances:
  • A postgraduate resident whose first year of study starts or last year of study ends in the middle of the academic year. 
  • An exchange postgraduate resident who opts for one semester due to the exchange programme or whose accommodation period is confined by the exchange period.
  • A resident who wishes to check in earlier and / or extend his / her stay upon completion of the accommodation package, subject to room availability and management approval.
  • Any occasion that, subject to management approval, the accommodation packages are not applicable to the calculation of the accommodation fee. 
  No. of Nights Double Room  Single Room
Monthly  30 $7,248 $15,000
Daily 1 $290 $590
2.  Caution Money 




Amount of Caution Money

Caution money HK$3,000 shall be payable as a deposit against any loss / damage of any properties of student residence, residents' breach of rules and regulations, non-settlement of fees / charges and / or early termination of student residence. 


Refund of Caution Money


Caution Money is refundable to residents only after completion of the committed residential period, less any restitution charges / outstanding fees and / or penalties / charges. In case of early termination of student residence, the paid caution money will be totally forfeited.

3. Student Activity Fee 
The student activity fee is set at HK$100 per resident. 

B. Payment 

1. Payment Methods


A Student Accommodation Fee debit note will be posted in the BUniPort. Please make sure you have input:

1. Bill type, and
2. Debit note number

during your payment process. Direct transfer of money to University bank account is NOT considered as successful payment. Please click HERE for detailed payment methods. You should keep good custody of the payment record and be able to present it upon request.


2. Payment Periods
Deferred payment of Student Accommodation Fees is not acceptable. Subject to special prior approval, a penalty of $300 will be levied on students who pay the Student Accommodation Fees after the deadline.