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Procedures in Handling Emergencies

We highly recommend that residents should be familiar with the emergency procedures during fire and other emergencies to ensure residents' safety in cases of unexpected incidents.

  1. Fire

    What to Do in Case of Fire

  2. Other Emergencies

    Other emergencies such as injury / serious sickness of person(s), crimes, person(s) trapped in lift or any other life / property threatening incidents may occur. In such cases, stay calm and call our reception at 2301 2301, or ext. "0", for assistance. If the situation demands, we may request assistance from the Police, Fire Services Department and/or ambulance. When calling for help, you should report clearly:

    i.    The location of the incident;
    ii.   The nature of the incident with brief description;
    iii.  The information if any person(s) is / are injured in the incident;
    iv.  Your name, location and contact telephone number.

    If there is an injured person, do not move him / her or conduct first aid unless you have been trained to perform such exercises.

    In any case, your own safety comes first. If your safety is jeopardized by staying at the place where the incident happens, leave the place or the premises immediately and stay at a safe place for assistance.