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Summer Letting in Undergraduate Halls

Student Residence Halls

Hall places are available to accommodate Summer Programmes organised by HKBU Departments/Offices and student orientation camps during June to August every year. Priority will be given to programmes organised by HKBU Departments/Offices or referred by them.

In any cases, children under the age of 12 will NOT be admitted. Programme leader of the short-stay group are required to submit an indemnity for guests under the age of 16.

Please contact the Undergraduate Halls at (852) 3411 2605 or email for full details of Summer Letting reservation.


In-Room Amenities (Twin-bed Room)

  • Two beds of 85 cm wide and 185 cm long with mattress, linens and beddings
  • Two desks of 125 cm by 63 cm with chairs
  • Two overhead bookshelves
  • Two full-height wardrobes equipped with mirrors
  • Free air-conditioning (turn it off when not in use, be environmental friendly)
  • A mini-fridge
  • A toilet and shower cubicle (shared with adjacent room)

    Floor Lounge
  • Tables and chairs
  • TV and free air-conditioning (turn it off when not in use, be environmental friendly)
  • A pantry equipped with a microwave oven, a toaster, a hot and cold water dispenser, a washing sink, a refrigerator and a freezer

Laundry Facilities

  • Self-pay washers ($5.3 / washing cycle at 5.5 kg)
  • Self-pay dryers ($1.1 / 10 minutes)
  • Self-pay hydro extractors ($1.1 / 5 minutes)

Dining Facilities

The BU Fiesta located on the Ground Level is open from 7:30am to 11pm daily. Chinese and Western dishes, fast food and Asian gourmets are served throughout the day. Programme organisers of short-staying groups are welcome to contact the caterer on (852) 2490 9011 direct to arrange for special deals for group meals, buffet or takeaway for their participants.

Interested parties should provide program details such as name of organizer, purpose of the program, number of participants, period of stay and program rundown to the Undergraduate Halls for consideration. Eligible organizers will be provided application details and procedures.

Room Rental

Nature of Organization
Twin-bed Room
(per room per night)
Programs organized by HKBU
Programs referred by HKBU Departments/Offices