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DSA Message

Prof. Henry Fock Director of Student AffairsProfessor Henry Fock
Director of Student Affairs

Welcome to the University Accommodation that supports your personal growth, learning and social life.

Our residences play a pivotal role in building a home away from your home. As our residents, you are encouraged to develop meaningful relationships with your fellow residents and expand your horizons and perspectives in the process. Our dedicated Hall Life Team is here to support you in your academic and personal goals by connecting you to resources. There are a variety of community learning programmes varying from cultural, sports, to service activities through which you can explore your interests, as well as meet new people who may become your close friends for the rest of your life. 

You, together with your hall brothers and sisters form an integral part of our hall community. By learning to be a responsible resident with respect and consideration for the others you will contribute to a pleasant living-learning environment for our diverse family as a whole, as well as develop yourselves into responsible leaders with competitiveness characterized by the values of social responsibility and inclusiveness.

Please let us know if you need our help or have any questions. It is our goal to make your residential experience a safe, enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding one. 

Prof. Henry Fock
Director of Student Affairs