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DSA Message


Professor Gordon Y. N. Tang
Director of Student Affairs

Living in a university residence is one thing that you as a student should not miss during your university education. In fact, in some overseas universities, it is compulsory for freshmen to live in university residences. University residences are not only places of accommodation to newly arrived students but also important platforms where you and other residents can grow and learn together outside of the classrooms to become responsible citizens.

Residents with different backgrounds or cultures would need to learn living together, and yet, independently within a small community.  While some of you may want to stand firm in your beliefs and values, you also need to understand views and beliefs of others, though they may be in contrast to yours. Only with sufficient mutual understanding, commitment and respect, residents can enjoy a fruitful residential life in a harmonious and caring environment.

The mission of Hong Kong Baptist University is the development of whole person built upon the heritage of Christian higher education. Residential education certainly works along this line for residents. Through various activities organised by the residents and the management team, you will be able to develop and/or enhance your Graduate Attributes, which are worthy goals for graduation.

Furthermore, through getting involved and serving in various aspects of residential life, you can contribute not only to your own development but also this community as a whole. I sincerely welcome you to become a part of this amazing residential community, and I wish you could give and take the best out of your stay.

Prof. Gordon Y. N. Tang
Director of Student Affairs