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The following Frequently Asked Questions may help you to have a fundamental understanding about the application details, daily life and essential points of importance of Student Residences at HKBU. We appreciate any further enquiries about our Student Accommodation Section.

Living in Undergraduate Halls


You may change your bed with your roommate(s) anytime after check-in. However, change of room/Hall can only be requested one month after check-in.

For change of bed within the same room, you need to submit the "Application for Room/Bed Change" to your respective Resident/Hall Tutor for endorsement. You shall then come to the G4 Service Counter for the updating of your Students Cards and Door Cards within 2 working days after submission of the form.

Change of room is not allowed in the first month of residence. For change of room/Hall, you need to complete and submit the "Application for Room/Bed Change" to your respective Resident/Hall Tutor only after one month of check-in. If supported by the Resident Community Officer and/or Resident Master, as required, the change can take effect at the G4 Service Counter with an administrative fee of $100 per resident. Involved residents must come to the G4 Service Counter for the updating of Student Cards, Door Cards, Washroom and Mailbox Keys within 2 working days after submission of the form or by a time as assigned by the G4 Service Counter, whichever the earlier.

Applicants are responsible to settle any difference in Hall fees incurred, if any, due to change to a different room.


There are network printers in the Computer Room on 1/F and Project Room on 19/F of both towers. Residents will be granted 100 free print quota for every semester of residence. A smart card-operated (Octopus card) printing machine is also available in the 1/F Computer Room. Residents may use this paid service for photocopying or colour printing.  


Each student room is equipped with a mini-fridge which is meant for storage of drinks. Cooking is not allowed in student bedrooms.


Each bedroom is equipped with an air-conditioner. The charge is HK$1.4 per kWh.

To avoid delaying in inward mailing, please advise your correspondents to address you as follows:
Your Name
Room Number, South/North Tower,
HKBU Student Residence Halls,
5 Baptist University Road,
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Approval from Student Accommodation Section should be sought except for personal computer, electrical fan and hair dryer. Please check with the G4 service counter for standard requirement if you wish to bring your own mattress.


Cleaners are instructed to clean the common washroom once a week. Residents of the same room shall share among themselves the cleaning works of the room and the common washroom.


Staff of the Undergraduate Halls, in particular Hall Tutors, Non-Local Mentors, Resident Community Officers, Resident Masters and Hall Councils will give you a hand. A series of orientation programs and whole-person education programs will be launched to help you enjoy hall life and university life.


BU Fiesta is the nearest canteen, which is managed by the Finance Office of the University. It is located on the G/F of the Undergraduate Halls and has a seating capacity of 300. You may refer to HKBU Mobile Apps or the Finance Office webpage for most update opening hours.


Residents may report defect found in the room via BUniPort. For defect which requires immediate attention, residents may report to the G4 Service Counter.


Please bring along your own beddings, pillow, pillow cover and other linens. Alternately, you may purchase them from the nearby markets.


Each bed is fitted with a fire-resistant mattress. Beds are 90 cm wide and 190 cm long in size. The length of modular beds in triple-bed rooms is extended to 210 cm, tailored for tall persons.


There are washers and the charge is $5.4 per cycle of 40 minutes. The charge of drying is $1.2 per 10 minutes. Depending on the type of clothes to be dried, it takes about 120 minutes to dry up 6 kg of clothes normally. Longer time is required for thicker clothing, jeans and blankets. In case of abnormalities, please report to the G4 Service Counter immediately.


A kitchenette equipped with a twin-head induction cooker is provided in the Lounge on each domestic floor. On top, there is a refrigerator, a freezer, a water dispenser, a micro-wave oven and a toaster.

Yes, each resident may connect his/her desktop/laptop to the data socket behind the desk in the bedroom to obtain PPPoE internet service without any additional charge on top of hall fees paid.
Office of Information Technology (ITO) also provides free Wifi coverage at the Halls - 'BU-Standard' (with encryption, 2.4 GHz) and 'BU-Advanced': from G/F to 19/F. User manual for setting up your PC is now posted on ITO's website at