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[UG] Green Quest Seminar Series 2018

Green Living
08 FEB - 22 MAR 2018

The Undergraduate Halls believe GREEN is a living style in striving for balance and aiming for sustainability.  Through seminar series on topics like Green Living, Sustainability and Urban Planning by professional speakers, students will gain deeper understanding to the green challenges and how the green effort could be enhanced further in Hong Kong and at the HKBU.

Students from all study majors are welcomed!

Seminar 1
Green Urban Design and Sustainable Lifestyle in our Next Generation New Town (8 Feb 2018)
Seminar 2
“NO Is Not Enough”- Explores Sustainable Living in Practice (1 Mar 2018)
Seminar 3
The Interplay of Architecture and People (22 Mar 2018)
Time, Venue
19:30-21:00, G9 Undergraduate Halls
Application Deadline
6 Feb (Seminar 1), 27 Feb (Seminar 2) and 20 Mar (Seminar 3)
Event details