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Application for next round government Common Recruitment Examination (CRE) and Basic Law Test (BLT): April 16 to 29

15 - 29 APR 2020

The CRE and BLT in Hong Kong

The next round of Common Recruitment Examination and Basic Law Test (Degree / Professional Grades) (CRE and BLT) is tentatively scheduled to be held in Hong Kong on 6 and 13 June 2020, or another date within June 2020 if necessary.

Application details

The application period for the coming CRE and BLT to be held in Hong Kong will be from 16 to 29 April 2020. Applicants may choose to take any of the CRE papers and / or the BLT paper in this examination, details and an on-line application system will be available on the webpage of Civil Service Bureau (CSB) at during the application periods.

The CRE and BLT are open to all holders of degree or professional qualifications who are interested in applying for civil service posts at degree or professional level.  Students who will have attained a degree in the 2019-20 academic year may also apply to take the coming CRE and BLT.

Year-end CRE and BLT

Please also note that another round of the CRE and BLT will be held tentatively in late 2020.  For the convenience of those studying or residing outside Hong Kong, this round of examination will also be held in some non-local cities.  The examination is tentatively scheduled for 10 and 17 October 2020 in Hong Kong, and 5 December 2020 in non-local cities.  More updated details will be announced by the CSB in later this year.

Mock practices for CRE & BLT
In order to help students to familiarize with the CRE/BLT format, Career Centre will organize training workshops in May. The schedule will be uploaded onto our website in late April. For enquiries related with preparations and trainings, please contact Career Centre via email at or hotline at 3411-7440.

Enquiries about CRE/BLT
General enquiries regarding the CRE and BLT may be directed to CSB by phone at 2537 6429 or by e-mail to

Good luck!

Career Centre