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StartMe Up – Project For Inclusion

Empower Yourself and Join StartMe Up for Inclusion


The first HKBU StartMe Up Project for Inclusion encourages students with special educational needs (SEN) to impact lives and unleash their potential to create a better future

浸大首屆 StartMe Up共融創業比賽

勉勵有特殊教育需要 (SEN) 學生以生命影響生命,釋放潛力,創造自己的一片天

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On 23 March 2024, a dynamic group of HKBU students aspiring to be change-makers showcased their pioneering business concepts aimed at fostering disability inclusiveness. Some of the team leaders were students with special educational needs, who led other students in developing innovative solutions relating to disability inclusiveness to address societal issues. The competition was honored to have representatives from social innovation and charity-related organizations as judges, including Dr. Amen Ng, Honorary Chief Executive Officer, Win Chuen Charitable Fund; Ms Anne Lee, Chief Executive, Joint Publishing Cultural Fund; Ms Caribbean Chan, Executive Director, Changing Young Lives Foundation; Ms Maryann Tseng, Board Director, Social Impact Partners; and Prof Henry Fock, Director of Student Affairs, HKBU.

2024年3月23日,一群有志成為創變者的浸大學生展示了他們有關傷健共融的創業概念,當中有團隊的項目負責人更是特殊教育需要的學生,帶領其他學生制定創新的傷健共融方案,解決社會問題。比賽榮幸得到社創及慈善相關代表機構代表作為評判,當中包括榮川愛心基金義務總幹事伍曼儀博士、三聯文化基金創辦人兼主席李安女士、成長希望基金會行政總監陳妙瑜女士、Social Impact Partners董事會董事曾慈雯女士及香港浸會大學學生輔導長霍廣賢教授。

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The semi-finals saw 8 teams pitch their innovative projects, each with a unique take on enhancing inclusivity. Their ideas spanned a diverse range of initiatives – from fostering inclusive education and positive sharing, developing a sign language tour guide service platform, creating a special education job matching platform, and promoting mental wellness.

在準決賽中, 8隊隊伍均發揮創意,建立不同具創新元素的共融項目。他們的想法涵蓋了多樣項目 – 從促進共融教育及正向分享、到開發手語導賞服務平台、創建特殊教育求職配對平台、以及促進心理健康。

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After delivering compelling 2-minute pitches, 4 teams distinguished themselves and progressed to the final round, where they were given the opportunity to present their business concepts in greater depth. Ultimately, all 4 teams were awarded a start-up fund of HK$20,000 each, and were paired with professional business mentors for a one-year guidance service to help the teams establish clear project development directions.


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The winning projects, which stood out for their innovation and potential for social impact, were:

得獎項目分別為 -

Daniel CHAN 陳浩源 (Faculty of Social Sciences), Simon NG 吳梓聰   (School of Business)

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KOMPASS is an inclusive-oriented startup company dedicated to empowering individuals with SEN by offering skill enhancement opportunities and nurturing their self-confidence. Its mission is to facilitate SEN’s integration into society where their unique stories, experiences and companionship enrich the community and validate the contributions of individuals with SEN.

KOMPASS 是一間以共融為本的初創企業,為有特殊教育需要人士提升技能及自信心,讓他們接軌社會。同時,透過有特殊教育需要人士的故事分享以及同行,將正能量帶回社區,為社區帶來支持、互補、共融。

Charlotte LI 李晞琳 (Academy of Visual Arts), UDEMEZUE Jessica曾天恩 (Academy of Visual Arts), TAI Yee Tung戴漪彤 (School of Business)

pic 7 SignSculpt is a pioneering agency offering Hong Kong sign language interpretation services, aimed at enhancing accessibility for the hearing-impaired community in Hong Kong.  SignSculpt is dedicated to tackling the issues of insufficient sign language interpreters in art institutions, arising awareness about sign language in Hong Kong society and expanding employment opportunities for sign language professionals.



HUANG Miaoheng 黄淼衡 (School of Communication) , ZENG Jingjing 曾晶晶 (School of Communication)

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Relive is a dynamic initiative offering live streaming courses and marketing consultations for social enterprises in Hong Kong. Its mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to generate income through live streaming sales and showcase their talent, enabling them to rediscover their self-worth, reintegrate into society and rekindle life.


CHIN Lok Yin 錢樂賢 (School of Continuing Education), CHAN Kwing Tung Jevons 陳炯同 (School of Continuing Education)

pic 9SEN-Share is a specialized online social sharing platform providing a secure, unique, and supportive space for SEN students to express their thoughts and access resources that support personal development, learning, and job preparation, thereby facilitating their holistic growth.


These teams are now set to embark on their journey to not only grow their ventures but also to contribute to a more inclusive society. 這些隊伍現在將開始他們的創業旅程,不僅發展他們的企業,而且為創造一個更加共融的社會作出貢獻。

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The competition was honored to have invited SEN graduates from HKBU to attend and support, as well as share their entrepreneurial experiences. They are Sunny Cheung, Founder of CP2Joy; Keanu Ho, Founder of Social Innovation Magician and Vivian Lai, Founder of Momenday.




Empower Yourself and Join StartMe Up for Inclusion


Call for start-up projects with Inclusiveness (Disability) !

Do you have a groundbreaking project idea centered around promoting "Disability.Inclusiveness"?

The StartMe Up Project for Inclusion is here to empower you with the tools and opportunities for personal growth and career development. Through a series of entrepreneurial and inclusive training and planning activities, this program aims to equip you with the skills and mindset needed to thrive. By bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, we encourage you to form teams and embark on an entrepreneurial journey together. Collaborating with your peers allows you to leverage your unique skills and experiences to create innovative ventures that promote inclusiveness in our community. And guess what? You have the chance to win HK$20,000 in seed funding to kick-start your venture.

The StartMe Up Project for Inclusion offers you a remarkable opportunity to make a difference and turn your ideas into reality. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to unleash your potential and create a more inclusive future!

StartMe Up Project for Inclusion 期望你能透過一連串的創業與推廣共融之訓練及策劃,賦予自己更大的力量去實踐未來個人及事業發展。計劃亦旨在促進來自多元背景學生之間的合作,鼓勵你組成團隊並一起踏上創業之旅。通過合作,你可以利用你獨特的技能和經驗創造推動社區共融的創新企業。透過活動你將有機會贏得港幣20,000元的種子資金,啟動您的創業計劃。

StartMe Up Project for Inclusion 是你展現潛能、創造共融社會的機會。不要錯過這難得的機會,實踐你的創業夢!

Programme highlights and key dates 計劃亮點及重要日期


Activity 活動

Content 內容

7 February 2024
4pm - 6pm
i-Cafe, WLB 301

i-Cafe, WLB 301

Inclusiveness Innovation Workshop and Networking session

Find your right partners & form a team, identify the pain points


February – March 2024


Start-up Training Series by Professional Trainers

Please refer to Entrepreneurial Learning Series

23 February 2024


5:30pm - 6:30pm

Start-up Company Visit

Company: Hong Kong Special Needs Sports Institute

公司: 香港特殊需要體育學院

Immerse yourself in a real start-up environment


The Institute aims to enhance the self-confidence and communication skills of the students with special educational needs (SEN) from average or low-income families through sports training.


Company website 公司網頁:

Application Link 報名連結:

29 February 2024


Individual Application Deadline*


Application Link 報名連結:Please click HERE 請按這裡

8 March 2024


Team Application & Proposal Submission Deadline


Application Link 報名連結:Please click HERE 請按這裡

23 March 2024


Final Competition

(3 languages: English/ Cantonese/ Putonghua)


(三種語言: 英語/廣東話/普通話)

Pitch for HKD20,000 kick-start fund!





1-year Professional Business Coaching and Support for Winning Teams


*If you want to participate but have not yet formed a team, please enroll as individual first. We will help find a right team member for you in the programme.
若您想參加但尚未組隊,請先以個人身分報名。 我們將協助您在該計劃中找到合適的團隊成員。

How to Apply? 報名方法

 .Projects with ideas relating to special education needs/ disability inclusiveness are welcome to apply.
特殊教育需求 / 殘障共融相關想法的項目歡迎申請。

 .Application should be submitted as a team, with at least 2 team members. Highly encourage teams with SEN students as team members.

.If you want to participate but have not yet formed a team, please enroll as an individual first.

.Each team must have at least 1 HKBU student. He/she must be the Person-in-Charge in the team.

.All HKBU team members must attend at least one training course from Entrepreneurial Learning Series

.Complete the online application form HERE with below supporting documents*
   - Team List 團隊名單
   - Business Plan - Theme: "Disability.Inclusiveness" (In PPT format: no more than 12 slides) 創業計劃 – 「傷健.共融」為主題 (簡報形式: 不多於12頁)

*Please download all the templates HERE


Final Competition 決賽 (23/3/2024)


.Eligible teams will be invited to attend the final competition. Teams can choose their own language (English/ Cantonese/ Putonghua) to present.
成功參賽隊伍將獲邀請出席決賽,隊伍可自行選擇語言(英語/ 廣東話/ 普通話)介紹你的創業計劃。

.Each team will be given 7 minutes to present, followed by a 7 minutes Q&A session.


Prizes 奬品

.Winning teams will be entitled to a seed fund of HKD20,000*.
The Most Diverse Team Award will also be awarded to the team with the most diverse background. A cash prize of HKD5,000 will be provided.

*The seed fund will be disbursed on a reimbursement basis.
*Subject to the judging panel’s final decision.



Individual Application Deadline: 29 February 2024

Team Application & Proposal Submission Deadline: 8 March 2024

Application Link: Please click HERE
報名連結: 請按這裡